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OPERA Jacket

Very elegant and comfortable jacket. Sleeve with satin cuff to fit different lengths. Inside neck licker for hanging. Pocket with simple piping on the inside of the jacket, left side to wear.

Women’s jacket with basque, …

Orthogon Arrival Manager (AMAN)

The Orthogon Arrival Manager’s objective is to manage the flow of arriving aircraft in a way that makes best use of the available Air Traffic Management resources, such as runways and airspace.

Orthogon AMAN manages traffic …

Orthogon Departure Manager (DMAN)

The Orthogon Departure Manager (DMAN) provides consistent, optimised planning of the outbound traffic at airports and accordingly optimised target times for flights at the runway and the stands. Major objectives are to efficiently manage the …

Orthogon Extended Arrival Manager (E-AMAN)

The SESAR Extended Arrival Management (E-AMAN) concept allows air traffic controllers to meter traffic into a busy Terminal Manoeuvring Area from far out in the en-route airspace. This is feasible by extending the AMAN operational …

Orthogon ODS™ Open Platform

With the ODS Toolbox™, Orthogon has acquired a worldwide reputation as a specialist for air traffic Controller Working Positions (CWP) development software. Since its market entry in 1994 the ODS Toolbox™ has been accepted by …

Orthogon Stand Optimiser

Orthogon Stand Optimiser manages stand assignments at high traffic volume airports with flights that frequently deviate from planned schedules. It improves the stand utilisation with KPI based optimisation and what-if capability resulting in better airport …

Oven Racks

Features and Options

Embossed or engraved logo
Logo plate

Both bodies and frames of Egret oven racks are manufactured using high quality aluminium sheets and extrusions.

Egret offers the most popular ATLAS oven rack (for 32 …

Oven Trays

Features and Options
Egret produces all type of aluminum trays (also called oven skids) for oven racks including standard ATLAS trays, extended ATLAS trays and standard KSSU trays, as well as aluminum trays with customized sizes.

All …


ELAG Ovenbag makes manufacturers and consumers happy. It guarantees clean hands and clean ovens. Preparation and consumption of hot meals become very easy thanks to ELAG Ovenbag. The high-quality bag is certified up to 220C° …


Over Head Headphones

AVID offers an extensive line of over the head style headsets that are suitable for any airline class range from economy to first. Headsets are available with foam or leatherette ear pads.

Headsets can be produced …

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