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Packaged Oshibori Cotton Towels

Our Oshibori Towels are made from 100% premium-quality cotton, making them softer and more durable than the typical wet napkins while also having them be completely biodegradable and eco-friendly. Our Oshibori Towels are hypoallergenic and …



Panaphragm is a revolutionary comfort solution that combines the benefits of both suspension and contoured pan designs. While minimizing cushion thickness and weight, it maximizes passenger comfort and living space.

Our Panaphragm Integrated …

Passenger Amenity Kits

AVID offers a variety of amenity kit options from first class to economy. We maintain regular stock of a number of amenity bag options in our warehouse in Rhode Island. We can also produce any …

Passive Noise Reduction Headphones

Passive Noise Reduction headphones are a lower cost way to prevent ambient noise without the need for electronic circuitry or a microphone. Passive noise cancellation uses sound proofing methods such as tightly sealed ear cups …

Plastic Cups


Airlines and   Hospitality Industry

White or Clear, Customise Design Option Available

Any required design option available

Plastic Cutlery Pack


Airlines and   Hospitality Industry

Gold or Clear, Customise Design Option Available

Plain or Any required design option available

Plastic Drawer

Features and Options
Plastic drawers are normally made of Polypropylene (PP) or Polycarbonate (PC). For cost reason, PP drawers are more popular in the market. With minimum order of 2000 drawers, any color can be customized …

Pre-conditioned Air unit, diesel engine driven and pure electric drive Mobile type, fixed type, bridge mounted

Lebrun integrates its industrial refrigeration expertise gained over the past 140 years to create unique, cost-effective, reliable, and powerful air-conditioning units by providing a real alternative to the on-ground use of the auxiliary power unit …

prolink 130r

Secure and permanent NTF fixing and Laminating of re-enforcement layers and backings.

PSA Non Flammable Aircraft Insecticide Phenothrin

Recommended for Pre-flight, Top of Descent or Blocks-away disinsection methods.

Non-flammable aerosol insecticide with rapid knockdown effect

Complies with International Health Regulations and WHO recommendations

Available in various sizes, both single shot actuator and multi …

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