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Bamboo Comb

Our Bamboo Combs are FSC-certified and designed for detangling and styling hair. With their sustainable and natural construction, these combs offer an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic combs. The packaging is fully customisable and made …

Bamboo Cotton Buds

These Bamboo Cotton Buds are a green alternative to traditional cotton swabs. Made from FSC-certified bamboo, they are fully biodegradable, and the packaging is 100% plastic-free and made from recycled paper. You can choose the …

Bamboo Dental Kit

This Natural Dental Kit is the perfect sustainable solution for in-flight oral hygiene. The kit is entirely eco-friendly and plastic-free, featuring an FSC-certified toothbrush and dentist-approved natural toothpaste tablets (2 or 4 pcs). You can …

Bamboo Hairbrush

Our Bamboo Hairbrushes are the perfect solution for optimal and plastic-free hair care. Available in different sizes for short, medium, and long hair, these brushes have round bamboo pins that gently massage the scalp and …

Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo Sunglasses are an eco-friendly inflight retail accessory for your passengers, made from FSC-certified bamboo in a customisable and certified bamboo case. Every pair is a unique piece of art that tells a story of …

Bamboo Tableware

Are you looking for a beautiful alternative for your inflight plastic tableware?

Our bamboo tableware will do your onboard catering justice by providing it with that extra touch of pureness.

Bandall Fully Automatic Banding Machines

Bandall’s fully automatic banding installations meet virtually all bundling and banding requirements. The base unit is standard, but thanks to countless optional and modular variations, each machine can be designed fully according to preference. The …


Bandall Stacking and Bundling

Bandall also supplies solutions specifically for stacking and bundling. From stacks of 2 or other multiples and products of all sizes, we have the solution. One example is the Bandall TRLS-ST fully automatic stacking and …


Bandall TRB Series

The Bandall TRB serie conveys products into the banding arch using motorised conveyor belts. These conveyor belts can be low friction or high friction, depending on the type of product to be banded. The TRB …


Bariatric Passenger Transfer Chair Automatic Brake – Front steer

Manufactured in Great Britain
Automatic braking system for fall prevention
Lift up plastic seat for ease of cleaning and durability
Extra wide Split foot plates
Accessory hooks
Nesting feature for fleet storage
Large fixed wheel …

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