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GA Military range – Mobile 400Hz Military Ground Power Unit (Diesel Engine Driven) for Military Aircraft from 90 to 180 kVA

GUINAULT has been manufacturing Ground Power Units for the Aviation Industry for more than 70 years (1949). Today, GUINAULT is recognized as a leading solution provider for Military Air Forces especially thanks to its robust …

GA range – Mobile 400 Hz Ground Power Unit (Diesel Engine Driven) from 90 to 180 kVA

The GUINAULT Ground Power Unit ensures the supply of electrical power to both civil and military aircraft, of all types in the most extreme environments. Their ultra-sturdy design is fully protected against corrosion and is …

Galley Equipment

1/2 and Full Size Atlas Trolley Cart including Plastic and Aluminum Altas Drawers, Trays, all fit in. The other designs of Glass/Coffee Cup Rack Drawer, Altas Size, make the meal-cart space more well-organized and clean.

Garlic Smoked Honey – Badger Honey Spoon

Our smoked garlic honey is made by us on our farm using locally sourced honey and farm-fresh garlic. We use real apple wood to smoke our garlic over, before mixing it together with the honey …


GB/GC range – Compact Mobile Ground Power Unit for General Aviation, Business Aviation & Regional Aircraft (Diesel Engine Driven)

Specially designed at conception for military use, the GUINAULT GA45, GB45/20 and GC20 Ground Power Units are the perfect solution for providing 400 Hz or 28 Vdc electrical power for regional aircraft.

Their compactness is unrivalled …

GB3/5 – Hybrid 400Hz & 28Vdc Ground Power Unit for civil, military helicopter and business aviation

Specifically designed for starting and maintaining helicopters, the GUINAULT HYBRID generator is a powerhouse at very low cost: the charged batteries add their capacity to the diesel motor-generator in order to ensure the peak currents …

Gemseal Ring Seal

GEMSEAL is a fixed-length truck seal which is made of high-quality plastic material incorporating an engineered plastic jaw as the locking mechanism. The strap is smooth for easy handling and flexible yet durable. The locking …

Getac A140 Fully Rugged Tablet

Do more. See more.
The Getac fully rugged A140 tablet delivers exceptional performance, industry-leading security and a spacious 14″ display, with wide viewing angles, that provides more room to get things done, with less scrolling. A …


Getac Device Monitoring System (GDMS)

Know the Vitals for Your Devices – Anytime, Anywhere.

GDMS helps you know which devices are optimally working and which are not, ensuring you have the technology you need when you need it.

Because you always need …


Getac Driving Safety Utility

Reliable in-vehicle safety. On the move your people are your most valuable assets. Workforce safety for commercial vehicles and forklifts with Getac Driving Safety Utility, because you need to protect your most valuable assets.


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