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Sales Cart

Features and Options

Reduced weight
Embossed or engraved logo
ATLAS, KSSU, ACE or customized configuration
Adjustable runners
Logo plate
Kick plate
Choice of decorative colors

Transparent sales carts with reduced weight are made of high-grade aluminum …

Sinitic Automated Customer Experience Product Suite

Launch enables you to convert your chat history into your auto agent meaning you don’t waste months of manual labour labelling data to strengthen your machine learning solutions.

Edit means you can humanise dialogue in your …

Solid state ground power unit – 400 Hz

The Powervamp PV90-3 is a third generation mobile electrical ground power (MEGP) unit designed specifically to meet the sensitive power requirements of today’s modern aircraft.

The PV90-3 uses a 12-pulse rectifier to provide improved input harmonics …

Stainless Steel Cutlery Pack

Stainless Steel

Airlines and   Hospitality Industry

Gold or Silver, Customise Design Option Available

Plain or Any Required design option available

Standard Containers

Features and Options
Egret ATLAS and KSSU standard containers (also widely known as standard units or meal carriers) come with patented and proven slam lock design. Twist lock design is also available on request.

Half size ATLAS …

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