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SA range – 400Hz Solid State Frequency Converter from 90 to 180 kVA

The GUINAULT solid state frequency Converter can provide electrical power for civil and military aircrafts in the most extreme environments. These units can be installed under passenger boarding bridges, on a control room floor, on …

Sales Cart

Features and Options

Reduced weight
Embossed or engraved logo
ATLAS, KSSU, ACE or customized configuration
Adjustable runners
Logo plate
Kick plate
Choice of decorative colors

Transparent sales carts with reduced weight are made of high-grade aluminum …

Salt & Pepper Packet

Kairun have been supplying the condiment sachets since year 2004 with certifications such as FDA, HACCP, KOSHER, BRC…etc. We produce the Salt & Pepper sachets for American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air Canada for years which …

SC20 – 28VDC Solid State Frequency Converter 28VDC Solid State Frequency Converter

Our expertise in power electronics and electromagnetics for 50 years, and cooperation with airlines and aircraft manufacturers, enables us to guarantee you electrical power at 28Vdc for very reliable, efficient, and measurable aircraft power supply. …

Sealbag A5

The security bag is a strong envelope / tamper-evident bag for preventing fraud, theft, tampering, or just possible unnecessary discussions with your customer or supplier. Particularly suited for duty-free shopping, our sealbags are available in …

Security Bags & Pouches

A wide range of security bags and pouches, including heavy-duty, multi-use bags and single use, polyethylene bags. Our re-usable tamper evident security bags and pouches designed for secure storage and made from high quality durable, …

Security Labels

Security Labels are used for panel vans, transit vans and vehicles moving “known cargo” and on airlines. These tamper evident labels can also be used to secure packaging and assets that require an audit trail …

Security Tape

Security tape is an affordable and simple solution for protecting important shipments. This tamper evident security tape quickly tells you if someone has opened your parcel while in storage or between it leaving the factory …

Shampoo Bar

The perfect solution to avoid using plastic for shampoo bottles is Shampoo Bars. The ingredients are 100% natural and eco-friendly, but also the packaging is entirely plastic-free. On top of that, one Shampoo Bar lasts up …

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