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De Stress Kit with SERENITY all-natural Intention

Stress and excessive worry about air travel can affect many of us, passengers and employees

With the gentle essence of our SERENITY Intention simply unwind, calm your mind and feel at peace and tranquil, with a …

DESKO PENTA Platform – Versatile Multi Document Scanners

The PENTA Scanner® platform comprises versatile full-page document scanners which capture image data from ID document under three different light sources such as infrared (IR), visible (VIS) and ultraviolet (UV) light. The images provide an …


Direct Air Flow – Cooling systems – Inflight galley equipment – Immediate delivery

Our innovative cooling systems are designed to offer adequate onboard cooling and reduce or replace the need for dry ice onboard.

Direct Air Flow cooling systems include:

Large insulated cooling bags
Small insulated cooling bags
Rotable …

Direct Air Flow – Blankets, pillows and headrest covers – Cabin interior products – Immediate delivery

Direct Air Flow supply disposable blankets, pillows and headrest covers suitable for all aircraft cabin interiors.

We can fulfil orders for a variety of colour options and different material textures. Our Direct Air Flow sales team …

Direct Air Flow – Inflight headsets – Cabin interior products – Immediate delivery

Direct Air Flow offers a range of standard headsets from stock.  We provide standard ear buds, ear clips and traditional style headsets. You can choose from a variety of colours, and we can print your …

Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads

Sweat Guard disposable underarm sweat pads is a personal care product that prevents your clothing from getting sweat stains, wet and bad odour.

It feels very soft on the skin, light and is convenient to use. …


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