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Veboschmidt Range

Veboschmidt specializes in chemistries for aircraft cleaning. This industry requires the highest level of quality and approvals for the various products. Veboschmidt meets these criterias and their products are individually approved for the aviation industry. …


The Velocity Advanced Dress Cover System speeds installation and removal of aircraft seat covers while making it easy to achieve a high quality fit and finish and maximum living space.
Our Velocity Advanced Cover …

VersaCart – Fixed Length Cart Locking Security Seal

The VersaCart is a padlock-shaped security seal designed to fit into the recess of a catering cart or an atlas trolley.

VersaLite+ Plastic Pull Tight Seal

The VersaLite+ is a barbed tail, adjustable plastic pull/tie seal which is easy to apply and remove by hand. Predominantly used to secure catering carts and fire extinguishers and first aid kits.  It is available …


Versapak Arrow Security Seals

The Versapak Arrow Seal can be used with all types of bags that have an arrow style locking mechanism. It is available either Plain or numbered and in a range of colours.


Versapak T2 Security Seals

The T2 is Versapak’s premium patented security seal and it provides the ultimate tamper evident security. It is used to secure the locking mechanism on Versapak pouches and carriers.  When secured the contents of the …


Vulture Ballistic Trousers

Best selling, multi functional, hardwearing trouser
Slight elastication at sides of waistband – very comfortable to wear
Multiple pockets with extra strong lining including 2 front & 2 rear pockets
Combat style leg pockets
Heavy …

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