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CableLok – 1.8mm Airline Cable Seal

The CableLok is a New Adjustable Length 1.8mm Cable Seal that can offer improved security over a traditional plastic seal. Once cut the cable splays open and cannot be re-sealed. This cable seal has a …

Conscious Water Duty Free Gifting

Renew your Duty-Free options with:

Conscious Water 30 Packs:
An opportunity to enjoy Conscious Water holistic lifestyle everyday with our beautifully designed 30 packs with 30 Servings in:

VARIETY 30 Pack: 5 servings of each of our …

Conscious Water Loose Sachets


Our loose Sachets can be integrated in various ways:

On board premium complementary
Amenity Kits: First class / Business class / travellers kit / night kit / Jet Lag Kit
On board retail: …

Container Trolley (Space Frame)

Features and Options

Embossed or engraved logo on top
Logo plate
Kick plate
Choice of decorative colors
Silkscreen logo

Container trolleys are used to load meal containers for return meal service. The trolleys with reduced weight …

Cotton or Micro-Fibre Tray Towels

FRNHZ Int. Airline Towel – a luxury guest amenity.

Our tray towel is a convenient and simple means of offering your clients the chance to refresh and cleanse. Use hot or cold, the towel is packaged in …

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