Orthogon Extended Arrival Manager (E-AMAN)


The SESAR Extended Arrival Management (E-AMAN) concept allows air traffic controllers to meter traffic into a busy Terminal Manoeuvring Area from far out in the en-route airspace. This is feasible by extending the AMAN operational horizon to neighboring ACCs and even neighbouring ANSPs. The Orthogon Extended AMAN solution is implemented using a SWIM-compliant information exchange infrastructure that delivers the AMAN output information (e.g., target times, time-to-lose/time-to-gain advice) to controllers upstream.

With the E-AMAN implemented, en-route controllers can then inform pilots to adjust their speed before their Top-of-Descent. This allows early sequencing and managing of the arrival traffic which reduces the time spent in the holding stacks in the destination TMA – an effective means for reducing fuel costs and lowering emissions for airlines. E-AMAN is featured in the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU), the ATM modernisation strategy of the International Civil Aviation Organisation.


  • Increased capacity enabled by longer-term optimised streaming and sequencing of arrival flights leading to optimised utilisation of terminal and runway resources
  • Significantly increased efficiency in highly complex Terminal Maneuvering Areas due to harmonised arriving traffic flows from en-route to terminal and aerodrome
  • Reduced time in fuel-intensive holding stacks due to early delay absorption with small speed adjustments during the en-route flight phase
  • Improved environmental sustainability: less stack holding provides massive fuel savings for airlines and leads to reduced emissions and noise.
  • Improved predictability and stability due to decreased uncertainties in the terminal demand prediction