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Typical Enquiries

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name Karen Morris
Company Air New Zealand

AOG AOG update required please advise if these have been actioned and confirm AWB.

ASP07153B4GV SEAT PAN 28 45750581 ASP07155B4GV SEAT PAN 33 45750581 GSP02868A000 PLACARD 62 45750581 GFP02708A0000 BUSH 1 45750581

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name Donovan Espeut
Company H. Weiss, a Division of BHS

I am looking for a company that builds airline meal production facilites in the US, if possible. I have a set of drawings and an image of a production rack system I can forward for additional information. Is there a direction you could point me in?

Per our earlier conversation please see attached documents for a quote on kitchen storage equipment.

I have attached the floor plans for the warehouse kitchen floor and a picture of the type of storage rack that is needed. The project is for United Airlines at the Newark airport.

If so a unit price to furnish and install would suffice because I can calculate how many units the project would require.
You can find my contact information below. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

Sent to Logo Sky

Name Steven Sauler
Company CTG Aviation – Certified Quality

Hello, Can you please provide pricing and delivery for the following? Please inform me of the qty, mfg, date code, & condition, as well as any required paperwork/certs. Thank you! Part No: PLACARD -EXTINGUISHER 1 D1121006320400L 200 PLACARD -ARROW D1121006320000L 200 PLACARD – GROUND HYDRALIC CON YELLOW D1121002520000L 200 PLACARD -L D1121005920400-L 200 PLACARD D1121005720000-L 200 PLACARD C-1 D1121004221200-L 200 PLACARD D1121005920200-L 200 PLACARD D1121006320200-L 200 PLACARD D1121006820000-L 200 PLACARD D1121002720200-L 151 PLACARD – HYDRALIC RESERVIOR PRESSURATION D1121002720000-L 151 PLACARD – CUT HERE IN EMERGENCY D1121006820200-L 200 PLACARD – CAUTION FLIGHT RECODERS HERE D1121005920000-L 200

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name Gianni Cerroni
Company Avianor

May you please quote me on P/N 0206415-101 QTY 15 OR equivalent

Also may I please have the dimension of the ray of the beam light thank you

Sent to Airline Suppliers


Hello, I would like know if you can provide me qoute


Thank you

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name Douglas Yates
Company FlightPath International Ltd.
Country United Kingdom

interested in getting pricing on parts for CRJ and Q400 aircraft, all systems mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and avionic. Need a contact person to send parts list to about 265 parts required.

Sent to logo Sky

Name Mateusz Pajor
Company AMC Aviation Sp. z o.o.

Good day, I am writing to ask if Your company can perform dual language (polish/english) interior placards for learjet 60XR. If yes I will provide You data and need quotation on that basis. Best regards. Mateusz Pajor CAM Specialist

Sent to Airline Suppliers


I am trying to purchase the following product: Airlaid cart liner, white, flat, 50gsm 10.5″x30″

Sent to Ailrine Suppliers

Name Dimitris Kritsepis
Company BIRD Aviation Ltd

Good Morning

This is a request to inspect/repair and certify QTY=10 of P/N:1174-2, AIRBUS IPC REF.25-21-09-71G According to the IPC: IN SEAT POWER SUPPLY UNIT qty=10 P/N:1174-2, AIRBUS IPC REF.25-21-09-71G

Please let us know of capability, in order to place a Repair Order, the soonest possible. Thanks and Best Regards

Sent to Passenger Bedding Suppliers

Name Tony Boulter
Company Nauru Airlines Brisbane Aust.
Country Australia

We’re seeking a suppler of Pillows & Pillow Covers. Please advise minimum quantity supplied for both pillows & pillow covers plus dimensions of the pillow.

Sent to Logo Sky

Name Qaiser Khan
Company Northern Region Airlines: TUI Airways TUI Fly Nordic – TUI GROUP

Dear All, Can you please advise if your company is capable of manufacturing placard: 2718-252-757-023 PLACARD:- BLANKET MUST BE STOWED… 2ea MATERIAL:- CP1105 POLYMIDE COATED NYLON TEXT:- BLACK CHARACTERS ON WHITE BACKGROUND FONT:- HELVETICA SIZE 4.00″ x 2.00″ I look forward to your reply soon. Best Regards

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name Phoutthasinh Keoka
Company Lao Airlines

Dear Sir, Currently we are looking at the possibility of introducing the new IFE into our 4 A320 (2 of them are already equipped with Thales IFE i4000 however they have never been activated and is already out of date) therefore a new system is needed that includes hardware and software. if you could let us know on how this will work? what are the price? the process of the retrofit? if you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us back. Best Regards, Phoutthasinh

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name Patrick Ndekana
Company Air Tanzania Company Ltd

Air Tanzania will be taking delivery of B787 and CS300 during the 2nd half of this year. I would like to understand the list of on-board supplies that you offer and a tentative list price that can assist us with a tentative budget formulation. Thank you

Sent to Armstrong Clothing

Name Reshma Suchit
Company Caribbean Airlines Ltd

Good Day, I hope all is well. We are currently trying to source winter coats for our cabin crew. Kindly advise if you can quote on the following or a suitable alternative. Black London Fog coat with a removable down filled lining Qty…..450 each Thank you. Regards

Sent to Logo Sky

Name Birjan
Company MIAT Mongolian airlines

Dear All,

Please send us quote for the material: Exterior aircraft graphic film A7706 / A7322 or interchangeability part with those items. Best regards, BIRJAN A.

Sent to Logo Sky

Name Stanislav Danihel
Company Saudi Gulf Airlines

Good morning

Pls provide me with information related availability/ leadtime/ price related cabin interior placards for A320: 1) fasten seat belt while seated (bilingual, Arabic/English) 2) Life vest under your seat (bilingual, Arabic/English) Initial qty : 50 ea from 1) and 2) Required certificate : CofC or EASA Form 1 This is very urgent issue so I will really appreciate your prompt feedback Brgds Stanislav

Sent to Geven

Name Andrew Kol
Company Aeroscltd
Country United Kingdom

Dear Colleagues, Could you please quote for us p/n GFM10029A000 PIN THREADED

Geven CMM 25-22-08 for R7E SERIES

Sent to Biomex

Name Jason Barnes
Company Liat (1974) Ltd.

Afternoon, Kindly advise if your company has the capability to manufacture leather dress seat covers for the ATR 42 & 72 600 series Geven cabin seats or has ever done so.

We require a quote to refit the seats in our current fleet but below are the requirements for the manufacture. · Double burn certs are required i.e for both seat covers & material covering cushions.

Please provide references if you’ve ever manufactured the aforementioned for another operator / company.


Sent to MRO Suppliers

Name cara stewart
Company easyjet
Country United Kingdom

we have requirement to store 30 shipsets of new lightweight aircraft seats. arriving approximately 6 shipsets per month from Oct 17-Feb 18 which need storing until retrofit onto aircraft in winter 18/19. Please can you get in touch to discuss.

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name Ellie Bougherara
Company BCI Aerospace

Hello, If you’re looking to expand your business in Southeast Asia, BCI Aerospace is organizing 2 networking events dedicated to MRO in Malaysia and in the Philippines in 2018. For more info, feel free to send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Ellie Bougherara

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name Patricia Piecuch
Company SprintAir

Dear Sir/Madam, we are looking for a company who will be able to provide customized headrest covers for our clients. Our size is 25cm x 35 cm Can you please advise if there is such possiblity, price and preparation time. Best regards, Patricia Piecuch

Sent to Modus Clothing

Name Delgermaa
Company Mongolianairways LLC

I would like to get quote for cabin crew clothing as well as the necessary accessories for both winter and summer.

Sent to Mills Textiles

Name Mélanie Filiatreault
Company Bombardier Commercial Aircraft
Country United States of America

I need to source about 100 headrest covers to be delivered in Paris Next week, is that doable ? Let me know Regards, Melanie

Sent to Cambridge Security Seals

Name Pankaj Chandra
Company Emirates
Country United Arab Emirates

I manage the Fraud Prevention and Investigation role for Emirates. Please can you forward me your brochure on seals that you manufacture/supply to Airlines. Thanks.

Sent to FlightWeight

Name Trent Gillies
Company Jetstar Australia
Country Australia

Are you able to get in contact with me regarding the carts you supply airlines we are looking at changing over our carts for light weight carts and would be interested in what you have. Look forward to hearing from you, Trent.

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name Rosaalma Camberos
Company Cometa Mexico
Country Mexico

I am contacting you regarding our need to contact a manufacturer of Portable or Mobile Hangars. I am located in Mexico City and we are initiating a project with some of our entities, as for now we need to quote and see different options about Mobile Hangars, mostly what we will need is to storage helicopters and military aircrafts, we will need dimensions and features of the mobile hangar options you offer. If you can help me or have some information about this please contact me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you and regards

Sent to Mills Textiles

Name Manish Koul
Company Saurya Airlines
Country Nepal

Hello I am looking for immediate requirement of headrest covers for our aircraft based out of Khatmandu. Can you send us various quotes and timelines to receive the same in her. The requirement is urgent so would like to know the minimum lead time for the same. Regards Manish

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name Lucy Faitua
Company Polynesian Airlines Ltd
Country Samoa

We are looking for suppliers of AirWaybill stocks and would appreciate information on minimum order quantities, prices, order processing & delivery time, etc.

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name A B M Iliyas
Company Regent Airways
Country Bangladesh

We like to buy 100 castors with 2 wheels for atlas stand catering meal trolley. Please respond urgently.

Sent to SCI Cabin Interiors

Name Edgardo Badiali
Position CEO
Company Libyan WIngs
Country Malta

Hello We have an urgent need of some Recaro BCL seat spare parts very urgent Could you help on this? If yes, please send me an eMail to the address provided and I will send you the detailed list. Thanks in advance and best regards, Edgardo Badiali, CEO, Libyan Wings (Malta)

Sent to GJD Services Ltd

Name Tom Coughlan
Position Technical Manager
Company Eirtrade Aviation Ireland Ltd.
Country Ireland

Dear Sir, Could you please supply me with your standard charges for short term preservation for a B737-400. Regards, Tom Coughlan, Technical Manager

Sent to Cambridge Security Seals

Name Inz
Company Asian Air Company Limited
Country Thailand

Hello, I’m interest in your product about catering carts seals with serial numbers. Could you please send me the quotation of about 10000 items?

Sent to Logo Sky

Name JR Moreton
Company Jota Aviation
Country United Kingdom

Can you please supply decals for BAE 146 ( interior ).

Sent to Cambridge Security Seals

Name Edward Lahoud
Company Baltia Air Lines, Inc
Country United States of America

Looking for a quotation for non-residue tamper evident aircraft security labels and plastic security seals for aircraft galley compartments and catering carts.

Sent to Onboard Logistics

Name John Brogan
Company FlightWeight
Country United Kingdom

Would you please provide me with a quote for the annual supply of a quantity between 250,000 and 750,000 Flex E Drawers? Would you also please confirm the manufacturing material used in production of these drawers and what if any approvals are in place? Many thanks

Sent to Mills Textiles

Name Jennevieve Padiachey
Company Botala Technologies
Country South Africa

Hi, I would like FOB Shanghai pricing for headrest covers. One colour with Logo. Min order per month 600,000 Best regards, Jennevieve

Sent to Airline Suppliers

Name Tariq Ali
Company Dynamic Airways LLC
Country United States of America

Please advise about below B767 Galley Carts price and availability in new or serviceable condition asap; Part Number -TK161001 Galley Cart, Quantity – 22, Size – 34L x 12W x 38H. Part Number –  TL124001 Galley Cart 1/2, Quantity – 38, Size 17L x 12W x 38H. Part Number – TH021003 Galley Cart Trash 1/2, Quantity 4, Size 17L x 12W x 38H