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E Learning Trainings for Ground Handler, Airlines and Cargo Handler About Pharmaceutical Shipments

We support the airfreight Industry with specific trainings through webinars and E learnings about Management of pharmaceutical shipments.

The most requested trainings are:

Good Distribution Practices of medicines applied to the airfreight logistic chain
Cold Chain …

Eagle 1

The Eagle 1 is a modified hospital hoist for use with Eagle slings.

It is designed for transferring PRMs from their wheelchair to an airport wheelchair soon after they have checked in. This gives handling staff …

Eagle 2

The Eagle 2 hoist is designed for use in main line commercial jets with 3 seats each side and wide body aircraft.

Single aisle aircraft requires right hand “D” seat allocation, other seating options are available …

Eagle 3

The Eagle 3 is designed for use in commuter aircraft with 2 seats each side. it is shorter than Eagle 2 to facilitate operating with the lower lockers in these aircraft. It requires right hand …

ECO Jumbo Toilet Rolls (Pack of 6)

Our Recycled Toilet paper roll is made of bleached waste paper, two-layer. It has excellent characteristics: strength, comfort, softness. A large volume of winding allows you to use the roll for a long time in …

Economy Class kit for Turkish airlines

Immerse yourself in traditional Turkish art with the new Turkish airlines long-haul Economic Class amenity kits.

Available in a range of 6 patterns. The kits include comforts items such as eyeshade, slippers, earplugs, socks, vegan lipbalm …

EGA – Mobile 400Hz Battery Ground Power Unit for aircraft up to 90kVA

The GUINAULT BATTERY Ground Power Unit ensures the supply of electrical power to aircraft up to code C (A320/B737) in the most extreme environments. The GUINAULT battery GPU is based on the GUINAULT ultra-sturdy diesel …


Conceived and designed to address with the utmost care and innovation the needs of Long Haul travel in the economy class section of aircraft cabins.

Elemento is conceived and designed to address with utmost care and …

Engine stand for LEAP, CFM56, GE

Shanghai Ifly GSE can make all kinds of engine stand for A320,A320 Neo,  A330/340、 A350 、A380 、 B737 、B737 Max, B747、B757, B767/777、 B787  MA60、EMB145、EMB190、CRJ200、CRJ900, like CFM56 series, Leap-1A,Leap-1B…

Environmental-friendly processes around the production of Unisto Security Seals

Environmental sustainable manufacturing

As international security seals manufacturer Unisto feels the responsibility to embrace environmental-friendly practices to reduce the impact of its processes on the environment.
That is the reason why since many years we are extending …

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