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The Eagle ramp is designed to provide a smooth traverse from aerobridge to aircraft, particularly when there is a step.

It was made for use with Eagle hoists, however airlines are also using them for aisle …

Reduced Weight Meal and Beverage Carts

Reduced Weight Carts are made from high-grade aluminium alloy extrusions, sheets and stainless steel hardware, with approved insulation foams that satisfy all fire property requirements. Conventional carts have proven track records for decades and remain …

Reusable textile gloves

The gloves give the wearer protection from a range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Another benefit is that the textile technology in the gloves is washable and reusable, offering a far more sustainable option than …

Reusable textile mask

Our masks offer lasting protection in everyday use.

We too are fighting the Corona virus and are reacting to the new government regulations. We want to make your everyday life a little easier with a sustainable, …

Rotatable Atlas Trays

Plastic (ABS or AS)

Airlines and Hospitality Industry

Available in various colours

Any required design option available

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