Rugged Mobile Technology, Including Laptops, Tablets, Software and Video Solutions

Getac Technology Corporation is a global leader in rugged mobile technology, including laptops, tablets, software and video solutions. Getac’s solutions and services are designed to enable extraordinary experiences for frontline workers in challenging environments. Today, Getac serves customers in over 100 countries spanning defence, public safety, ambulance, fire & rescue, utilities, automotive, natural resources, manufacturing, transport, and logistics.

Airport Management

Busy airports operate according to strict timetables around the clock, meaning even the slightest delay to cargo loading/unloading and aircraft acceptance can cause significant disruption and expenses. Getac devices are highly reliable in even the most extreme conditions, making them essential for effective airport operations and minimising turnaround time.

  • Minimising Aircraft Turnaround Time
    The biggest challenge to airport management professionals is minimising aircraft turnaround time while ensuring compliance with the highest safety standards. A rugged digitised solution is crucial to ensuring efficiency, and Getac has the experience and technology required for it. Access to real-time information results in services being performed in a shorter span. From runways to aprons, including the airport terminal itself, our computing solutions can deliver significant airport performance improvements.
  • Reduced Delays, Less Errors
    Our solutions have been successfully used to automate aeroplane refuelling and other airport maintenance-related procedures, bringing increased reliability and reduced costs (both in time and money) from human errors.
  • Sunlight-Readable Touchscreen
    Our LumiBond®2.0 technology delivers improved touch control (under the rain, with gloves and also with a stylus), and provides a display that is more readable both indoors and outdoors, with better contrast and crisper colours. Under the sunlight or in the rain, our devices’ highly readable screens help professionals access the information they need.
  • Engineering and Support
    Airports make use of a variety of different software and hardware systems, and having your computing solution properly integrated is vital for success. Getac delivers best-in-class engineering services and customer support, ranging from regular security patches and software updates to the provision of API and SDKs, software imaging, product kitting, joint development of docking, and bespoke logistic vehicle equipment.


What is ATEX Certification
ATEX is an abbreviation from the French, ATmosphère EXplosible (or explosive atmospheres, translated into English), a term which appears in the name of the EU directive 94/9/EC (now replaced by ATEX DIRECTIVE 2014/34/EU), which relates to devices used in explosive atmospheres. ATEX certifications/standards signal a product’s level of suitability for use in hazardous environments.

What Does IECEx Certification Mean?
Similar to ATEX certification, IECEx certification is given to products that have been thoroughly tested and proven to work safely in environments with explosive atmospheres.

IECEx certification is an internationally accepted method that demonstrates compliance with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards. IEC standards and assessments are recognized internationally as a benchmark for fields of electrotechnology.

Practically all Getec devices are available as an ATEX variant.

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Reliable in-vehicle safety. On the move your people are your most valuable assets. Workforce safety for commercial vehicles and forklifts with Getac Driving Safety Utility, because you need to protect your most valuable assets.

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