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  • Sweat Guard

    Airline Anti-Sweat Amenities

    Sweat Guard is a family-run cosmetic business that is supplying anti-sweat products directly to consumers, stores and businesses. The idea behind Sweat Guard started from having to deal with these personal excessive sweating issues with no …
  • smilecare GmbH

    Airline Dental Cosmetics, Care Sets, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Mouthwash, Lipbalm, Interdental Brush

    smilecare GmbH offers a wide range of airline dental cosmetics. For several years our airline version of smilecare maximum white set is a much appreciated part of Lufthansa’s amenity kit for business class passengers. smilecare maximum …
  • White Towel Services, Inc.

    Luxurious First Class, 100% Terry Cotton, Pre- Moistened, Passenger Amenity Towels

    White Towel Services, Inc. manufactures luxurious first class passenger amenity towels. Each towel is a soft 100% terry cotton woven wash cloth, pre-moistened with a proprietary solution that is naturally anti-microbial, & individually packaged to stay …
  • Qikfresh

    Mouthwash-Powder for Airlines, 100% natural and water-free

    Qikfresh is a natural and organic cosmetic firm specialised in innovative dental and oral care solutions for on-the-go application. Based in Frankfurt, Qikfresh provides convenient, efficient and natural oral care products made for today’s modern lifestyle. We …
  • AMKO Group

    Airline Tableware Products, Foodservice Equipment and Passenger Comfort Products

    AMKO Group is a worldwide specialist in manufacturing, supplying and distributing airline tableware products,  foodservice equipment and passenger comfort products. With our world-wide factory network we can offer products that fit into any service. Competitive pricing …
  • AVID Products, Inc.

    Airline In-flight Entertainment Headsets, Passenger Amenities, Toiletries and Passenger Comfort Products

    AVID introduced the world's first in-flight entertainment headsets in 1962. We remain the pioneer and leading IFE headset supplier to the world's airline industry. Our manufacturing expertise has allowed AVID to expand our product offerings to …
  • Washington Towels Worldwide

    Global Refreshing Oshibori Towel Provider

    As the premiere provider of luxury personal towel products, our passion for premium quality and affinity to the rich heritage and authenticity of the Oshibori was the inspiration for Washington Towels Worldwide. We use only …
  • WK Thomas

    Airline Inflight Equipment, Paper, Plastic, Foil, Textiles, Disposable And Rotable Solutions.

    WK Thomas provide a total airline inflight equipment solution including Meal Service Disposables, Rotable Tray Sets, Comfort & Amenity products , Galley Equipment and Hygiene items. With world class service and flexibility as well as our …
  • NoviTech

    Safety Cards, Print Products, Bio-Degradable Materials, Wallets, Amenity Kits

    NoviTech designs, develops, produces and supplies products made of Polypropylene (PP), artificial leather and Organix®-Film. NoviTech supplies an extensive range of Print Products, Safety Cards, wallets, amenity wallets, many based on bio-degradable material. Our company looks …
  • Direct Distribution Services

    Contract Packing, Bottle Filling, Product Sourcing, Recycling, Warehousing, Logistics and Distribution

    Direct Distribution Services is an established company with more than 25 years of experience supplying quality passenger service products to airlines, private jet companies, railway and ferry operators as well as hotels and restaurants across …


1-10 of 34 results
  • Bamboo Cotton Buds

    Did you know that plastic cotton buds are almost impossible to recycle? And they take hundreds of years to degrade. A good reason to make the switch to biodegradable cotton buds. Our bamboo cotton buds …
  • Bamboo Comb

    Such a small product can’t cause lots of damage, can it? Well. Imagine how many combs there are in this world. There are many different combs for hair. And also for beards. And how about …
  • Reusable Cotton Pads

    With reusable cotton pads, you go to bed with peace of mind. They make you feel good for several reasons. Firstly, they function as well as the disposable ones that you are used to. Probably …
  • Bamboo Hairbrush

    Are you looking for an eco-friendly hairbrush? One with which you remove tangles or straighten your hair easily? It’s not that easy to find a decent one. Many hairbrushes (partly) consist of plastic. And with …
  • Bamboo Toothbrush

    Do you want to have clean teeth and a clear conscience? Do you try to by brushing with a plastic toothbrush? Impossible. It is possible, though, by using a bamboo toothbrush. With a bamboo toothbrush, …
  • Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads

    Sweat Guard disposable underarm sweat pads is a personal care product that prevents your clothing from getting sweat stains, wet and bad odour. It feels very soft on the skin, light and is convenient to use. …
  • Bamboo Toothbrush Case

    You won’t get clean teeth by brushing with a dirty toothbrush. And you won’t get a clear conscience either, by brushing with a plastic toothbrush. That’s why you should go for the bamboo toothbrush case …
  • Toothpaste Tablets

    For many, buying a bamboo toothbrush is the first step to a plastic-free bathroom. Step two is about switching to a plastic-free toothpaste tube. Wait a sec. A plastic-free toothpaste tube? That complicates the way to …
  • Cork Toiletry Bag – Amenity Bag

    You go on a trip for the weekend. For a relaxing getaway. What do you take with you? In any case, your toiletries. You collect all your animal-friendly and plastic-free items. You’re pleased with them, …
  • Passenger Amenity Kits

    AVID offers a variety of amenity kit options from first class to economy. We maintain regular stock of a number of amenity bag options in our warehouse in Rhode Island. We can also produce any …
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