Bamboo Comb


Such a small product can’t cause lots of damage, can it? Well. Imagine how many combs there are in this world. There are many different combs for hair. And also for beards. And how about pet combs? Those for a dog’s or cat’s fur.

The total number of combs in this world? Innumerable. The big problem? Most of them consist entirely of plastic. Our solution? This beautiful little bamboo comb. We are improving the standard with this bamboo comb. Because bamboo is better for nature. But did you know it’s also better for your hair?

Why? Well, you massage your skin better with a bamboo comb. The bamboo pins stimulate your blood circulation more than plastic ones. Improved blood circulation ensures less hair breakage and hair loss. And also, your hair will grow better. Besides, you will suffer less from hair breakage, hair loss, and static hair. Whether it’s your head hair or your beard hair, who wouldn’t want this?

The Bamboovement’s bamboo comb is an essential for every amenity kit. They are lightweight, sturdy and are completely biodegradable.

  • FSC-certified bamboo
  • Recycled packaging
  • Lightweight