BC Class kit for Egyptair


The new BC Class Medium Haul kit for Egyptair includes traditional comforts items such as eyeshade, socks with an anti-slip wrapped in a paper band, earplugs, wipes. The toothbrush and hairbrush are made in sustainable wood, customers can enjoy bringing them at and reuse for other occasions. Distinctive characteristic is the soft pouch. The peach skin awakens the tactual senses of passengers, provide them a feeling of softness and comfort.

  • Eye-mask
  • Luxurious experience of the passenger
  • Innovative design
  • Fashionable pouches
  • Trendy accessory
  • Soft touch
  • socks with an anti-slip
  • earplugs, wipes
  • toothbrush in sustainable wood
  • hairbrush in sustainable wood