Bamboo Hairbrush


Are you looking for an eco-friendly hairbrush? One with which you remove tangles or straighten your hair easily? It’s not that easy to find a decent one. Many hairbrushes (partly) consist of plastic. And with some brush your hair with boar bristles – those boars don’t always have a good life.

With this bamboo hairbrush, you solve both problems in one go. The hairbrush is plastic-free and animal hair-free. Besides, it’s perfectly suited to remove tangles or to straighten long hair due to its shape.

So instead of animal hair, there are bamboo pins on this brush. That’s not only better for the animals, but also your hair. Because massaging the scalp with wood or bamboo stimulates blood circulation extra well. And because the bamboo tips of this hairbrush are round-ended, it touches the skin extra gently.

Stimulated blood circulation, in turn, ensures less hair breakage and hair loss. It also boosts your hair growth. Another huge plus: your hair doesn’t become static during combing due to the bamboo.

  • FSC-certified bamboo
  • Size: small / medium / large
  • Bamboo pins to massage your scalp