Stand-alone Bandall banding machines


The range of stand-alone Bandall units consists of a standard line which varies in standard arch widths and arch heights. The channel widths can also vary for the processing of various band widths (28, 40, 48, 60, 75, 100, 125 and 150 mm). The stand-alone Bandall machines lend themselves extremely well to manual feed, and to installation in fully automated production lines. Optional equipment on the machines are: External reel holders, presses, positioning technology, stainless steel, data printers, etc. 

Benefit on benefit

  • Reliable and damage-free, thanks to unique patented feed system
  • Very high production capacity is possible
  • User-friendly patented feed technology
  • Low maintenance costs and energy-efficient
  • Considerable reduction in packaging material, thanks to wafer-thin bands
  • Very short delivery times (often from stock)
  • Dutch technology
  • Clean, odour-free and smoke-free, thanks to the ‘Ultra Clean Seal’ system
  • Standing on castors the Bandall is easy to relocate

Banding paper and film
Bandall banding equipment processes banding paper and film of various qualities. Printed or plain. Furthermore, all banding materials comply with the strictest quality standards, as a result of which safe and reliable banding is guaranteed. Banding film from 35 microns can be processed only by Bandall (unique!!). Rolls of material are up to 2,500 metres.

Unlimited opportunities with printing
Banding materials can be printed in amazing qualities. Together with our partner Max Aarts we offer you full support and advice from your first design to your finished printed band. Printing techniques using up to eight colours are available, both single and double sided. And if necessary, using special stamps or print finishes. Materials such as MC, Kraft, BOPP, OPP, PE and PLA.

Biodegradable banding film is also available. Unprinted paper banding is always FSC-accredited. If required Bandall banding is also suitable for frozen products.