Bandall TRB Series


The Bandall TRB serie conveys products into the banding arch using motorised conveyor belts. These conveyor belts can be low friction or high friction, depending on the type of product to be banded. The TRB conveyor belts are available in various lengths and widths.

Ideal for Shelf Ready Packaging, stacks of laundry and more!
This equipment is ideal for easy and budget-friendly banding of trays, multipacks (innerpacks) or stacks of products (Shelf Ready Packaging). Sturdy, reliable, often used for products with a flat and rigid base.

Immediate benefits of the Bandall TRB Series

  • Fully automatic in and out feed
  • Immense savings in packaging material
  • Taping, gluing and sealing machines are often rendered redundant
  • Major savings in energy costs
  • Supplied with multi connector for signal exchange
  • Limited space required
  • Easily adjustable and portable