Neo Prestige



Neo Prestige fits your high-density economy class section with extra boost towards a more than minimal economy class ride – all in the very essence of Italian Style, made by the worldwide recognized style leader Giugiaro, where less stands for more.

Neo Prestige strives to achieve the best weight / comfort / living space / cost / maintainability balance possible for the higher density passenger arrangement scenarios, with a touch of those extra essentials able to slightly elevate a normally basic high density economy cabin section, into something with a bit more. Whilst in keeping with the achievements necessary to offer maximum living space and comfort with the lowest possible weight and count of expendables in the high density environments, Neo Prestige also provides an essentially vital range of baseline features like an ample recline, an high literature pocket, a super 18” seat width, superior knee clearance even at 28” pitch.

Neo Prestige

  • superior comfort and exceptional living space
  • high literature pocket
  • reliable
  • easy maintenance
  • stuctural bottom cushion
  • Giugiaro design

Seat Options

  • Disable people Armrest
  • Coat hook separated from table latch
  • Dress Covers in Natural Leather
  • Floatation Cushion Foams
  • Break Over