Business & Premium Economy

Conceived and designed with the utmost care and innovation to address the needs of both narrow and wide body cabin.

Materia is the newest member of the Geven line of seating products, generated from the Geven / Priestmangoode partnership.

The brand-new Materia is the matter behind what matters in making the necessary distinction between the classes.

Materia is a stylish compact and widely accessorized seat, conceived for catering to the needs of the narrow and wide body cabin.

Materia donates relax mode comfort, stowage spaces and the possibility of accommodating the largest available video screens.

Materia makes the narrow business class and wide body premium class experience a matter of passenger comfort that is what matters the most!


  • varied options
  • superior comfort
  • exceptional living space
  • reliable
  • easy maintenance

Seat Options

  • In arm video monitors for first row seats
  • USB/AC power system integration
  • RJU/PCU Integration
  • PED Holder
  • Cup Holder
  • Cocktail table
  • In Use lights
  • Customizable Trim & Finish
  • Ample recline up to 8” inches
  • 4/6-ways adjustable headrest
  • Rear footrest
  • Amenity pockets
  • Literature pockets
  • Back mounted monitors up to 13” with tilting mechanism