Conceived and designed to address with the utmost care and innovation the needs of higher end seating travel at 34-50 inch pitch of ATR aircraft cabin.

Privilege is a Business Class where Comfort meets Style of higher end seating in 34-50 inch pitch range. The delicate balance was therefore to be found between higher end comfort, offer of options, functionality in recline and weight.

Geven and Giugiaro ItalDesign, one of the most important transportation designer, made the synthesis of all the above, delivering a comfortable, fully functional, with a generous offer of options, seat, while still being compact. Of course, the lot is beautifully wrapped in the irresistible appeal of Italian Design made by the worldwide recognized style leader Giugiaro.


  • high-end comfort
  • full functionality
  • varied options
  • compact racy italian style

Seat Options

  • Customizable Trim & Finish
  • 4/6-ways adjustable headrest
  • Rear Footrest
  • Literature pockets
  • USB/AC power system integration
  • V.I.P. style backrest