Fixed Shell Business and Premium+ Economy seat

Designed around comfort it also facilitates easy configuration for different aircraft types.

Forma is a new member of the family of seats generated from the Geven / Priestmangoode partnership designed for comfort.

The brand-new fixed shell Forma is a short haul Business Class and a long haul Premium+ Class seat which places passenger experience and comfort at the heart of the design.

Contemporary and sculptural wrap around details define personal space and offer enhanced privacy.

A stylish and widely accessorized seat, featuring an elevated comfort in each of the option.

The innovative structural design of the seat has enabled a considerable weight reduction, supporting efficiency and sustainability.

Conceived for catering to the needs of the wide body cabin, Forma donates an optimal ergonomic position, generous stowage spaces and the possibility of accommodating the largest available video screens.


  • passenger comfort centric seat design
  • ample recline
  • outstanding legroom
  • ambient lights
  • adjustable privacy panel
  • zero gravity
  • italian class style

Seat Options

  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Footwell
  • Shoes Compartment
  • Actuated motion system
  • Customized trim and finish
  • Customer logo
  • PED holder
  • Ambient and reading lights – Privacy headrest
  • Provision for additional USB and PWR units