Japan Airlines to introduce new inflight meal of “RED à table” with the theme of “Inflight meals for the future”

JAL to introduce new inflight meal of “RED à table” with the theme of “Inflight meals for the future” to achieve the SDGs goals will be launched on international flights starting from October 1st.

  • Under the theme of “Inflight meals for the future,” a new menu has been introduced for Premium Economy Class and Economy Class on international medium- and long-haul flights.
  • Original video content featuring the chef’s thoughts on the SDGs and the development process will be aired inflight.

JAL has been implementing various inflight meal initiatives(*1) to help achieve various SDGs. This time, “RED U-35 – Inflight meals by young chefs” will be renewed, and a new menu will be launched as “RED à table” with the theme of “Inflight meals for the future.”

The “à table” in “RED à table” is a French word that means the beginning of a homey, warm, and fun time, as in,” The food is ready, Come on, everyone,gather around the table.” a food producer Fumiko Kono, and six RED U-35(*2) finalists gathered around a table to create a menu with various perspectives, such as reducing food loss and passing on food culture, in addition to deliciousness. In addition to deliciousness, the meal will be designed to reduce food loss and pass on food culture. The chefs also talked about their commitment to the menu and the secrets behind the development of the menu. In addition, an original video featuring the chefs’ menus will be shown on board.

In-flight meals
As “in-flight meals for the future,” we will prepare menus based on three themes: “LOVE FOR THE PLANET,” which focuses on reducing environmental impact and food culture; “LOVE FOR THE SOCIETY,” which focuses on connecting with society through traditional cooking methods and ingredients; and “LOVE FOR OURSELVES,” which focuses on nutritious ingredients and new challenges for chefs.

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