Korean Air celebrates the Year of the Black Rabbit with traditional decorations

Korean Air exhibits traditional good luck charms for the Lunar New Year

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Korean Air will display Bokjori, a decoration of good fortune, at various company sites in Korea from January 16 to 27.

Hanging Bokjori is a traditional Korean custom to bring and share good luck and fortune for the year. Bokjori is a strainer made of woven bamboo, and was traditionally used to wash rice before cooking.

Since 2008, Korean Air has displayed Bokjoris every Lunar New Year to wish its customers good health and blessings in the new year, while preserving and promoting this Korean traditional custom.

The Bokjoris will be displayed at various locations, from the airline’s domestic airport check-in counters and lounges to its headquarters, and downtown offices.

Korean Air continues its efforts to promote Korean culture. The airline has recently added new Korean inflight meal options such as spicy pork lettuce wraps, bulgogi rice with acorn jelly in cold broth, and has also expanded its selection of inflight entertainment with more Korean dramas, TV programs and K-pop.