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Aerospace Cleaning & Maintenance / Consumables

IPS-Group A/S is an agency-based company with specialization in industrial innovative products and services, including aerospace. Combining world-class expertise and future-focused technologies, we meet the specific needs of our customers.

IPS’s Corporate vision is to provide our distributors and clients with premium service not only by ensuring them top quality products, but also with customer support such as technical information and knowledge sharing by our qualified and dedicated staff.

IPS is in partnership with DuPont Personal Protection, Aerochemicals, Eurosteam, Socomore, Produit Sanitarie Aeroneuf /Callington Haven, Perrone Aerospace, Rochem Aviation, Sontara and Veboschmidt in order to provide the best aerospace consumables on the market.

Company Profile

  • Interior Cleaning

    IPS-Group A/S offers leading products in the field of Interior Cleaning. This includes aerospace certified wipes, chemistry, vacuum cleaners etc.

  • Aircraft Maintenance

    IPS-Group A/S is heavily involved in Aircraft Maintenance, offering a wide variety of products to help your company with cleaning and maintenance of aircrafts. This includes aerospace certified wipes, chemistry, personal protection etc.

  • Aerospace Certified Wipes

    One of the key competences at IPS-Group A/S is numerous years of experience selling wipes and cloths for critical cleaning. We offer a wide variety of Aerospace Certified Wipes, which is tested and approved by AMS, Boeing, DMS, U.S. Air Force etc.

  • Personal Protection

    It is essential, when working with paint and chemistry, that you wear the right protection. We offer a wide variety of DuPont Personal Protection products for optimized protection and comfort.


IPS-Group & FCS Cooling Systems for Aircraft Engines

Our patented product is AFC-22, which is a professional cooling system for aircraft engines. AFC-22 uses a nonmechanical vacuum based system for engine attachments and cools down the engine in a fraction of the time …

PSA Netbiokem DSAM

Netbiokem DSAM is a multipurpose disinfectant cleaner. The formula is ready to use, non-corrosive, non-flammable and biocidal on numerous strains. It is compatible with all types of material, and safe to use for the operators. This …


The KI-OSE Range from IPS/PSA has been especially produced for disinfection, cleaning, and deodorising of surfaces. The product is used by the cabin crew during flights for telephones, headphones, oxygen masks, toilet seats etc. The product …

Veboschmidt Range

Veboschmidt specializes in chemistries for aircraft cleaning. This industry requires the highest level of quality and approvals for the various products. Veboschmidt meets these criterias and their products are individually approved for the aviation industry. …

Sontara® AC Range

Sontara® AC wipes are made of a proprietary blend of fibers that are softer than most conventional wipes. Since many scratches are caused by grit and dirt already on the surface of the window, this …

PSA Non Flammable Aircraft Insecticide Phenothrin

Recommended for Pre-flight, Top of Descent or Blocks-away disinsection methods. Non-flammable aerosol insecticide with rapid knockdown effect Complies with International Health Regulations and WHO recommendations Available in various sizes, both single shot actuator and multi …

IPS™ SatWipes® Solutions

For the preparation of surfaces before bonding and painting and the removal of excess sealant squeeze-out. The system of pre-saturated wipes provides economic, environmental and safety advantages for users compared to the method of using bulk …

Eurosteam Range

Since 1978, Eurosteam has been developing and manufacturing professional cleaning machines and offers a wide range of machines well adapted to Aerospace and Railway applications. IPS-Group and Eurosteam have started a strong partnership within the industry.

DuPont™ Tyvek® Range

Protect Your Greatest Assets with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Performing hazardous jobs comes with high levels of uncertainty. From volatile chemicals to hostile enemies, the brave people who work in these high-stress fields rely on innovative personal …

Company News

IPS-GROUP A/S – NETBIOKEM DSAM (20L available for 85 EUR ex works Denmark)

Netbiokem DSAM is a water based ready to use high performance disinfectant cleaner for all hard surfaces. This solution is available in 5L cans. This formula kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and mycobacteria. It is also very …


Multi-purpose cleaning solvent Multi-purpose, powerful solvent cleaner with controlled volatility for surface preparation operations prior to painting, bonding and sealant applications. DIESTONE DLS is a solvent composition with controlled volatility and weak odour. It does not contain …


Thickened paint stripper with peroxide activator and long shelf life. Hydrogen peroxide activated gel-type aircraft paint remover free from phenols, chlorine & Cr(VI) that efficiently strips all types of paint. Reduces work time and number of …


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