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DESKO develops and manufactures hardware solutions for automated data entry and document checks.

DESKO´s wide product range offers a perfect device for every passenger touch-point.

From Check-In, Security Check, Retail, Passenger-Flow-Control to Boarding. Our devices guarantee a smooth and easy passenger journey from CHECK-IN to BOARDING.

Company Profile

  • Water Resistant Integrated Keyboard for Check-In

    We are very proud to introduce our latest product to the market, our brand-new integrated keyboard NEPTUN chrom. The NEPTUN keyboard will be equipped with DESKO´s well-known MRZ and MSR technology for passport or ID card reading and mag stripe card reading. But for the first time ever in the history of integrated keyboards it will also be completely water and dust resistant according to IP54 regulations. Not just the keymatrix and the key caps, the entire keyboard including swipe slot will be water and dust resistant.

    No more damaged keyboards due to water spillage. No more closed counters due to equipment replacements.

    For more information on our brand-new NEPTUN chrom please click here

  • Versatile Document Reader for Check-In

    DESKO´s brand new swipe reader IDenty chrom® is the latest addition to the chrom family (see also NEPTUN chrom keyboard) and the perfect companion for a fast and efficient data capture from ID documents such as passports, ID cards or visas. In addition, it also reads magnetic stripe and chip cards.

    The entire device including swipe slot is water and dust resistant according to IP54 standard. It withstands water spillages without functional restrictions. Due to its small and compact design, the IDenty chrom fits in even the narrowest workstation.

    In addition to the standard device, DESKO also provides the flexible solution IDenty chrom mobile with integrated Bluetooth® technology and battery pack.

    For more information on our IDenty chrom please click here.

  • Boarding Gate Reader for Integration or Standalone

    Our BGR 504 pro is the state-of-the-art boarding gate reader, perfect for integration into counter, kiosk or gates. It can also be used as standalone solution at the boarding gate. The scanner is extremely efficient and easy to use thanks to its large scanning area and built-in barcode engine for 1D and 2D BCBP reading. Its multicolor display and two large LEDs on each side give an immediate and highly visible feedback, whether the scanned ticket is valid or not, to the passenger as well as the agent.

    The DESKO BGR 504 pro is based on a robust flatbed scan technology for highest and super-fast barcode read rates. Because of its barrier free flatbed design the device allows for user-friendly mobile boarding pass reading from smart phones or large tablet displays (i.e. iPad).

    A large multicolor LCD display for text and picture display, multicolor LEDs for clear visual feedback and an adjustable volume control buzzer for acoustic feedback make the BGR 504 pro the ideal device for a fast and trouble free boarding process.

    DESKO’s smart device approach and optional features like NFC boarding guarantee a future-proof infrastructure and protect your investment.

    For more information on our BGR 504 pro please click here

  • Versatile Document Scanner / DESKO PENTA Platform

    The DESKO PENTA Scanner® is your perfect device for scanning, collecting and authenticating passport or ID data. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art optical scan system, developed by DESKO, best suited for scanning ID cards and passports under IR, VIS and UV. It therefore provides excellent images for OCR data collection or document authentication.

    The DESKO PENTA Scanner stands out against other full-page scanners due to its variety on features like barcode reading, magnetic and smart card reading, the RFID module for biometric passport reading and its great visible feedback thanks to its multicolor touch screen and bright LEDs.

    Additionally, the PENTA Scanner® can be equipped with changeable battery packs and even WLAN/LAN/3G connectivity which give you the opportunity for a complete infrastructure independent operation at any time and location.

    Our unique PENTA platform with its various features and options covers all areas from check-in, security, passenger flow control to boarding.

    For more information on our PENTA Scanner® please click here


BGR 504 pro – Boarding Gate Reader for Standalone or Integration

The DESKO BGR 504 pro is an efficient boarding gate reader optimized for the integration into counters, kiosks or gates. The device is based on robust flatbed scan technology for superfast and high barcode read …

IDenty chrom – Versatile Swipe Reader for Check-in Applications

DESKO´s IDenty chrom is the latest member of the chrom family (see also NEPTUN chrom keyboard) and your perfect support for a smooth and trouble-free check-in process. The device captures data from ID documents such …

NEPTUN chrom® – Water and Dust Resistant Check-in Keyboard

The integrated keyboard NEPTUN chrom® is equipped with the well-proven DESKO OCR and MSR reading technology. The keyboard reads travel documents such as passports, ID cards and visas as well as magnetic stripe cards such …

DESKO PENTA Platform – Versatile Multi Document Scanners

The PENTA Scanner® platform comprises versatile full-page document scanners which capture image data from ID document under three different light sources such as infrared (IR), visible (VIS) and ultraviolet (UV) light. The images provide an …

Company News

The International College of ID Management opens its doors

New institute for document analysis and verification The International College of ID Management begins classes. From left: Alexandra Weidinger (seminar planning and organization), Peter Hessel (trainer), Jessica Luh-Fuchs (IDM College Director), Jens Mayer (trainer). Bayreuth (Germany).- …

The Fourth Dimension of Performance – DESKO PENTA Scanner® 4X. DESKO launches new edition of class-leading full-page scanner PENTA Scanner.

Global market leader DESKO reworked its best-selling full-page passport scanner PENTA Scanner. The brand-new DESKO PENTA Scanner® 4X represents the latest generation of the proven document scanner platform raising ID document checks to the next …

DESKO: Interview with profiler Peter Hessel: “No chance for Corona inspectors to detect vaccination certificate forgers. Nevertheless, this could be changed very easily.“

Corona-compliant access control: It is not only the vaccination certificate itself that needs to be checked but also whether the personal data on the vaccination certificate match the data on the ID card.

COVID access control – fully automatic and secure: DESKO ID scanner verifies vaccination certificate and ID document within seconds

The verification of COVID-vaccination certificates challenges retailers, caterers, event organizers and many other companies: in a first step, the certificate needs to be scanned by a responsible staff member. Afterwards, the personal data must be …

DESKO celebrates 30th anniversary: Company event as highlight of the anniversary year

Several positive news crown the anniversary year of the technology company DESKO: For the first time the colleagues from the international DESKO subsidiaries could be welcomed again in Bayreuth for the celebrations.

DESKO celebrates 30th anniversary of the company: New website, new products, new markets

The German technology firm DESKO has prepared a few surprises in honor of its anniversary: The successful mid-sized company presents itself with a fully reworked website, expands its production capacities and product portfolio and announces …

DESKO expands its software portfolio: ID Collect® captures the most difficult data group on ID cards and passports

DESKO expands its software portfolio: ID Collect® captures the most difficult data group on ID cards and passports DESKO expands its software portfolio with ID Collect® for VIZ reading Bayreuth - In its anniversary year, DESKO is …

DESKO expands production capacities at its Bayreuth location

For world market leader DESKO, the new financial year is starting off with optimistic forecasts. Due to good demand, the Upper Franconian manufacturer of ID card scanners is expanding its production capacities at the company’s …

ID-1 GO is the first model to deliver laboratory quality in a desktop device

New DESKO scanner with forensic image resolution thwarts forgers World market leader DESKO astonished the sector by introducing an ID scanner that delivers a whole new level of image quality. For the first time ever, the …


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