Sustainable Non-Food Bamboo Products for Airlines

Based in Amsterdam, Bamboovement was founded to raise consciousness on the rapid increase of global plastic consumption. Dozens of single-use plastic items can’t be recycled, including: cotton buds, toothbrushes, straws, disposable cups, not-rinsed shampoo bottles, cutlery.

More legislation has been set in place by local governments as well as national and supranational institutions. An example is the ban on a dozen plastic items set by the EU in 2021.

By providing high-end sustainable alternatives for plastic products to the hospitality, travel and food industry we aim to cut out single-use plastic products.

Bamboovement embraces the idea that simple sustainable actions put together make a positive change. This starts with the use of a sustainable material that inspires eco-lifestyles that are beneficial to our planet’s wellbeing. Leading us towards a cleaner world for all living beings.

As our products are reusable they also make for a great gift and allows passengers to use them after their flights as well. Which supports a greater decrease in the usage of plastic products and stimulates an increasing global awareness regarding plastic pollution.

We place high value on communication with our clients in order to establish long-term relationships. Maintaining close contact with the clients plays a key role in our vision. Which is to provide our clients with our products according to their personal preferences.

Bamboovement is involved with the contemporary issue of our global plastic problem. Our products are sourced from certified quality bamboo, guaranteeing natural and aesthetic alternatives for our customers. We are exporting our products worldwide to increase a global consciousness.


Natural Shave Kit

Give your passengers the best shaving experience with the Natural Shave Kit. The razor is 99% plastic-free, made of upcycled wood waste materials, has three high-quality Swedish steel blades for a smooth shave, and is …

Bamboo Dental Kit

This Natural Dental Kit is the perfect sustainable solution for in-flight oral hygiene. The kit is entirely eco-friendly and plastic-free, featuring an FSC-certified toothbrush and dentist-approved natural toothpaste tablets (2 or 4 pcs). You can …

Bamboo Cotton Buds

These Bamboo Cotton Buds are a green alternative to traditional cotton swabs. Made from FSC-certified bamboo, they are fully biodegradable, and the packaging is 100% plastic-free and made from recycled paper. You can choose the …

Bamboo Comb

Our Bamboo Combs are FSC-certified and designed for detangling and styling hair. With their sustainable and natural construction, these combs offer an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic combs. The packaging is fully customisable and made …

Natural Body Soap and Shampoo

Our Natural Body Soaps and Shampoos are 100% compostable and a natural and paraben-free solution for personal hygiene that comes in a plant-based cellulose drop. It is perfect for airlines that want to provide passengers …

Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo Sunglasses are an eco-friendly inflight retail accessory for your passengers, made from FSC-certified bamboo in a customisable and certified bamboo case. Every pair is a unique piece of art that tells a story of …

Bamboo Hairbrush

Our Bamboo Hairbrushes are the perfect solution for optimal and plastic-free hair care. Available in different sizes for short, medium, and long hair, these brushes have round bamboo pins that gently massage the scalp and …

Company News

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