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  • Bamboovement

    Sustainable Non-Food Bamboo Products for Airlines

    Based in Amsterdam, Bamboovement was founded to raise consciousness on the rapid increase of global plastic consumption. Dozens of single-use plastic items can't be recycled, including: cotton buds, toothbrushes, straws, disposable cups, not-rinsed shampoo bottles, …


    Introducing SKY-BLUE, your premier partner for high-quality products and services tailored exclusively for the aviation industry. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we specialize in providing airlines with the finest inflight amenities, bedding, and ancillary …
  • Avio Pack Co.,Ltd

    Amenity kits, Atlas trays, Biodegradable cutlerys, Rotable tableware set, Salt & Pepper shakers, Hot meal Casserole, Airlines tray mats, Airline Service Equipment, and Air sickness bags

    AVIO PACK is an innovative manufacturer and exporter that are concerned with the design, development and production of in-flight products and food packaging products for more than 20 years. Our head office are located in …
  • Malton Inflight

    World-Leading Supplier of Hygiene, Catering and Passenger Comfort Items

    Malton Inflight is the world’s leading provider of hygiene, catering and passenger comfort items. Every day millions of passengers are benefitting from the products we design, manufacture and supply. Designed in London, crafted in Shanghai and …


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  • Hot & Cold Towels

    Our refreshing hot or cold towels are presented in an array of trays with matching tongs and can be infused with a scent of your choice. They are convenient to store and disposable to keep …
  • Bamboo Comb

    Our Bamboo Combs are FSC-certified and designed for detangling and styling hair. With their sustainable and natural construction, these combs offer an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic combs. The packaging is fully customisable and made …
  • Bamboo Sunglasses

    Bamboo Sunglasses are an eco-friendly inflight retail accessory for your passengers, made from FSC-certified bamboo in a customisable and certified bamboo case. Every pair is a unique piece of art that tells a story of …
  • Bamboo Hairbrush

    Our Bamboo Hairbrushes are the perfect solution for optimal and plastic-free hair care. Available in different sizes for short, medium, and long hair, these brushes have round bamboo pins that gently massage the scalp and …
  • Bamboo Cotton Buds

    These Bamboo Cotton Buds are a green alternative to traditional cotton swabs. Made from FSC-certified bamboo, they are fully biodegradable, and the packaging is 100% plastic-free and made from recycled paper. You can choose the …
  • Bamboo Dental Kit

    This Natural Dental Kit is the perfect sustainable solution for in-flight oral hygiene. The kit is entirely eco-friendly and plastic-free, featuring an FSC-certified toothbrush and dentist-approved natural toothpaste tablets (2 or 4 pcs). You can …
  • Airline Amenity Kits

    Introducing our luxurious Airline Amenity Kit - the perfect travel companion for comfort and style on the go. It includes a refreshing perfume hand lotion, sleeping mask, earplugs, bamboo dental kit (toothbrush and bamboo toothbrush), …
  • Biodegradable Cutlery Set

    PLA is very beneficial to environmental protection and is recognized as an environmentally friendly material. Avio Pack provides pla knife, PLA fork, Pla spoon, PLA coffee stirrers, PLA tableware etc. which can be biodegraded under composting …
  • Airline Salt & Pepper Shaker

    Avio Pack has been provided the condiment sachets since year 2011 with certifications such as FDA, HACCP, ISO, BRC…etc.
  • Luxury Refill Wood Service Tray, 3 / 6 Servings

    For premium complementary we have specially designed this elegant refill service tray with the option to display 3 or 6 servings. The tray dimensions are: 110 mm length X 90 mm width X 20 mm …
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