Thales Gemalto Form Filling Software


Product Use

The Thales Gemalto Form Filling Software is designed to connect your Thales document reader with your business applications, solving the following problems:

  • How do I fill out all my forms & screens
  • How do I connect to my PMS, CRM or ERP* system
  • How do I enrol and onboard my customers
  • How do I know the ID is valid
  • How do I record the IDs people presented to me
  • And do it all quickly and accurately

Description of Gemalto Form Filling Software

  • The software provides an easy method of injecting data into online forms and business application screens.
  • It has a database of documents and can read the variable font, human readable, printed data off driving licences,
    ID cards and passports and parse it into known meta-data fields.
  • In addition it can optionally carry out a document authenticity check on the document further validating that the customer is presenting a genuine and valid ID

Key Features & Functionality

  • Connects a Thales document reader to you business application
  • API interface or Keyboard emulation for maximum flexibility, works with almost any third-party application
  • Highly and quickly configurable usually by the integrator or software installer
  • Can fill web pages and work with SaaS apps
  • Extracts data quickly and efficiently from various documents, including complex addresses
  • Document library with global coverage and regular updates
  • Validates the document (optional)
  • Additional optional OCR engine enables reading of Thai, Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic characters

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Document Library

  • Database includes 6000+ document templates from around the world
  • System reads all information from the document
  • All ICAO standard passports (from all countries around the world)
  • Most identity cards and driver licenses
  • Database is constantly updated with new document versions
  • System reads diacritic characters from all European alphabets

Customisation and Interfaces

Gemalto Form Filling Software has two interfaces to provide maximum flexibility

  • Standard interface
    • API developed for integrators (software developers from end-user applications)
    • Integration using XML and JSON format using following technologies:
      • TCP/IP (desktop applications)
      • DLL (desktop applications)
      • HTTP / HTTPS (web based applications)
      • JAVA (java applications)
  • Keyboard emulation
    • Used when it is not possible to use the API
    • Uses different form filling technologies based on the end-user application
    • Generally, works with almost any third-party applicationused by end-user
    • The usual development time is within 1 hour

Minimum PC Specification

Software must be installed on a customer-supplied PC, some aspects of read speed may be affected by PC specification. The following minimum configuration is recommended:

  • 2 GHz Pentium® 4 CPU (Intel Core 2 Duo recommended)
  • 1 GB DRAM
  • USB 2.0
  • 60 MB of Hard Drive space for software
  • Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1 or Windows® 10 operating systems, 32 or 64 bit

Installation Package

Thales provides a Windows® install package to install the software for the reader. The software package contains a demo applications , API and configuration tools.

Supported Readers

A full page document reader captures the complete identity document or diving licence in multiple light sources. Recommended readers are:

  • Thales Document Reader QS1000
  • Thales Double-Sided ID Card Reader CR5400
  • Thales Document Reader AT10K (370 and 550 dpi) • Thales Document Reader AT9000
  • MK2
  • Thales Document Reader KR9000
  • Thales MRZ Swipe Reader CR100
  • Thales MRZ & MSR Swipe Reader CR100M


  • One-year warranty
  • Annual licence fee for library updates

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