Thales Cogent High Temperature Detection


Thales Cogent High Temperature Detection (HTD) is a specifically designed system for high-precision human elevated body temperature (EBT) detection, used at physical access control points of critical importance such as borders, airports, ports, ships, power-stations and others.

HTD is;

Fast, compact and convenient

  • Less than 1 second to detect a person or group of people on the move, determine face skin temperature and raise an alarm if above a threshold, even if mask is worn
  • Contact-free operation

Intuitive user interface and privacy

  • Real-time visual, thermal or fusion display for security officer showing detected face, temperature, mask wearing and alarms history
  • No biometric data is permanently stored by default
  • Anonymous reports can be generated for storing traffic data into an access control system
  • An independent .Net API is also available for integration into customer application
  • HTD is an accurate temperature measurement device and not a COVID detection device

Brochure: (click to download)