Thales Cogent Multi Finger Scanner CS500f


The Cogent Multifinger Scanner CS500f is the brand new compact Ten-print livescanner offering a superior fast acquisition speed and USB 3.0 technology.

It supports collection of all 10 fingerprints in 4-4-2 format (right four fingers, left four fingers and two thumbs) while producing high quality fingerprint images with exceptional capture speed.

Designed with a small footprint, it can be used in a desktop setting or integrated into other systems like kiosks.

It is provided with a useful handle to improve the scanner handling in case of mobile installations.

A user interface facilitates the acquisition procedure and as optional module, Cogent Multifinger Scanner CS500f can be upgraded with a leading edge SW solution detecting fake fingers made with various different materials (GB_FFD).

Fingerprints type: Flat, Rolled
Scanning Area: 3.2’ x 3.0’
Dimensions: 151 x 148 x 102mm – 1.5Kgs
Interface: USB 3.0
IP Rating: IP54
OS Support: Windows, Linux, Android
LFD: Supported