Aircraft de-ice/anti-ice vehicle


The Mallaghan TA8200 Aircraft De-icer operates highly proficient, safe & efficient and can service a wide range of aircraft, narrow & wide body e.g. B737, A320, B747, A380.

Mounted onto a commercial chassis, from 18T GVW upwards, the vehicle can be specified with an Enclosed Basket or Open Basket and has a variety of optional features, for example, as Single Operator vehicle which permits the chassis to be driven from within the enclosed basket while de-icing operations are carried out

Standard Features

  • Auxiliary engine
  • Four stage heaters with 3.5m Btu
  • Open Basket
  • Proportional joystick for precision boom control
  • Boom working height 14m
  • Boom rotation 270° with side reach
  • Danfoss PLC control system
  • Touch screen data recorder & printer in drivers cab
  • Stainless Steel tanks with 8200 litre total capacity.
  • 7000 litre de-ice fluid &1200 litre anti-ice fluid
  • Cold fluid return / recirculation line
  • Stainless steel pipes and fittings
  • ‘Hardi’ fluid pumps with fluid delivery 70 – 200 LPM
  • TFT delivery nozzles
  • Fluids upload system using on-board pumps
  • Single ground reel & nozzle
  • Basket communication intercom system
  • Electric & hand emergency control system
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System (Stat-X Superior)
  • Voltage 24V, Alternator 80A, External work lights

Safety Features

  • Emergency stops around vehicle
  • Emergency control system (Boom/Basket system)
  • Boom control in basket and direct on manifold
  • Safety Cameras front & rear on chassis (Optional)
  • Harness lanyards for basket and on boom
  • Driver/Passenger seat belts
  • Automatic fire suppression system
  • Fire extinguisher mounted on vehicle (Optional)
  • Reverse driving alarm


Ease of use and excellent accessibility to all components

  • High drive stability & robustness
  • Safe working conditions via excellent visibility, proportional control of boom and basket
  • Extended reliability and durability is guaranteed with a heavy-duty chassis, the usage of quality components and its high build quality
  • Quiet auxiliary engine with low emission
  • Hardi Pumps for less shear on fluid
  • Four stage burner for quick & efficient usage
  • Diagnostic & recording functions via PLC system
  • Precision movement of basket and boom via proportional control
  • Triple fill options (suction, pressure, manual

Optional Equipment

  • Single operator
  • Proportional Mixing
  • Enclosed basket
  • Extended boom 17m
  • Forced Air system / hydraulically operated Forced Air
  • Basket rotator
  • Semi-circular basket with rail mounted nozzle
  • Auto greasing system for Hardi pumps
  • Camera systems
  • Safety sensors on basket for collision avoidance
  • Wireless headset
  • Fire Extinguisher mounted on vehicle