Maintenance Platform Lifts


The Mallaghan MPL range of truck mounted (TM) and self-propelled platform lifts has been strategically designed to operate heavy-duty motorised scissor lift platforms for high level work of up to 11m (floor height) around the aircraft.

MPL Range Europe and Rest of World:
On commercial chassis MPL3.5TM, MPL6.5TM, MPL9TM, MPL11TM
On self-propelled chassis: MPL6.9 Self-Propelled

MPL Range Americas:
On commercial chassis MPL21’TM, MPL32’TM, MPL32’TM V-Deck
On self-propelled chassis: MPL22’ Self-Propelled

Mallaghan made Self Propelled chassis or Standard commercial chassis:
Europe and Rest of World: MAN TGL, Mercedes Benz (other upon request)
Americas: Isuzu, Ford (others upon request),

Maximum Working Heights:
Up to 11m maximum floor height, depending on model.

Platform Payload:
Between 200kg and 1500kg, depending on model and specification.

Platform Size:
Between 2.2mx1.2m and 5m x 2m, depending on model and specification.

Standard Features:
• Rotating beacon
• Safety guard rails
• Rear access steps

Optional Features:
• Platform traverse or extend above driver cab
• Removable handrails
• Shore power sockets on platform
• Air-line outlets on platform
• Jet-Oil tank and pump system
• Overhead tie off beam
• V-deck