Aircraft baggage loading system – Belt Loader


The Mallaghan Belt Loader is an ingenious aircraft baggage loading system which enables baggage to be loaded/unloaded in a safe, efficient, and expedient manner with the operator in control from within the baggage hold.  With a unique curvature design and key safety features it can deliver a number of significant benefits including turnaround efficiencies, reduction in manpower costs & manual handling, whilst through automation reducing the risk of manual handling injuries and ground damage to aircraft.

Chassis: Self-Propelled, Mallaghan made chassis

Engine: Available with Diesel, Electric, Petrol and alternatives

Sill height ranges:

6.5m boom sill height 0.8m to 2.8m

8.0m boom sill height 0.8m to 3.6m

Main Boom length: 6.5m as standard (long 8m boom optional)

Extendable belt length: 5.5m (7m with long boom)

Single Load: 400kg

Service Heights: 0.8mtr – 3.6mtrs

Extensive safety features as standard