Korean Air celebrates Lunar New Year with traditional decorations

Korean Air celebrates the Year of the Blue Dragon by exhibiting traditional good luck decorations, called Bokjori, at various company sites from February 2 to 15.

Hanging Bokjori is a Korean traditional custom to bring and share good fortune for the new year. Bokjori is a strainer made of woven bamboo, and was traditionally used to wash rice before cooking.

Since 2008, Korean Air has been displaying Bokjoris every Lunar New Year to wish its customers good health and blessings in the new year, while preserving and promoting this Korean traditional custom.

The Bokjoris were produced by a provincially designated Bokjori craftsperson, Park Sung-soo, in Gume Village, Anseong, a village known for Bokjori. They will be displayed at various locations including the airline’s check-in counters and lounges at Incheon Airport, headquarters, and downtown offices.

Korean Air is actively promoting Korean culture. The airline provided Korean language guidance services at the Louvre Museum, Hermitage Museum, and British Museum in 2008 and 2009. Last year, Korean Air introduced Korean-style vegan inflight meal options based on traditional Korean food, and the airline continues to expand its selection of inflight entertainment with more Korean dramas, TV programs and K-pop.