Alaska Airlines partners with like-minded brands to offer guests products made with care

Care guides us in pursuit of brands that care about people and the planet.
They share a meaningful purpose and spark joy simply by focusing on the little things that matter.

Behind every pretzel twist or chocolate covered almond or truffle and even soap in our bathrooms, there’s a meaningful purpose and reason why brands are part of the Alaska experience.

At our core, we are all about taking care of people—from our guests to each other. We care about offering the most genuine care, value and ease in the sky—it’s what sets us apart from other airlines and attracts other like-minded brands to love working with us.

Below are some of the products we carry onboard and in lounges, plus a little more about each of the beautiful humans behind the brands.

We’ve put in time and lots of thought to find brands to work with that care about the same things we do. These companies are risk-takers, problem-solvers, are ethically-minded, thoughtful, kind and believe even the smallest of things—like a pretzel, a scent or an almond—can have a purpose,” said Todd Traynor-Corey, MD Guest Products.

Stellar Snacks

“It’s not just a pretzel, it’s a labor of love.”

The mesmerizing packaging is as creative as the tiny twists inside. Don’t miss artists’ signatures on the corner of every bag! 

Founders of a timeless classic, Elisabeth Galvin (she/her) and Gina Galvin (they/them), along with their brilliant team, bake their pretzels from scratch daily in Carson City, Nevada. From hand-picked seasonings to sustainably harvested flours, they take pride in using natural ingredients to make their ambitious flavors.

Stellar Snacks believes that something as small as a pretzel can have a purpose. You’ll notice onboard, each bag of Stellar Snacks is a little work of art. They intentionally partner with budding artists to bring its packaging to life. Artists are given a platform to showcase their talents.

It’s one of the ways we love to give back and highlight a talented person that may otherwise go unseen,” says Gina.

We believe in creating Stellar experiences for all—so we partner with brands who also want to make a difference,” says Gina. “For us, the bottom line is the value we bring to people and the planet, so you have to be courageous, inclusive, sustainable and most of all, kind. After one flight with Alaska, it’s no mystery why it is the Most Caring Airline, and we know that care branches into so many aspects of the business—in-flight and behind the scenes.

Elisabeth and Gina, Stellar Snacks

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