airBaltic introduces digital post flight reports for ground handling

Latvian airline airBaltic has recently introduced a new sustainability project, developing a digital post flight report solution that airBaltic ground handling employees can access on their mobile devices.

Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer of airBaltic: “We started our shift to digital documentation already in 2014, when we introduced iPads for our pilots and later cabin crew, saving vast amounts of printed paper each year and providing additional operational efficiency. Now, each year we develop further digital solutions that enable us to become more efficient.”

A post flight report is created after every departure and includes information on the services performed to the aircraft, their time, as well as quality. Now, after the flight, the report is available in an e-mail, which is instantly accessible to operational managers. The new system was developed internally by the airBaltic IT department.

Already back in 2014 airBaltic introduced iPads to pilots allowing them to avoid carrying between 10-15 kg of flight details, manuals and reference material to each flight. Three years later iPads were introduced also for airBaltic cabin crew.

Earlier this year Latvian airline airBaltic published its annual sustainability report, providing information of airBaltic and its subsidiaries performance in this segment for 2020. Full airBaltic sustainability report is accessible on the company’s website: