Travel Advisory: AirAsia will only accept fully-vaccinated guests on its flights

Check-in via airasia Super App is now MANDATORY to minimise exposure through physical contacts, paper movement.

In preparation for the full resumption of its domestic and subsequently international flight services, AirAsia Malaysia (flight code AK) has made it mandatory for only completely vaccinated adult guests to be allowed to board its flights, effective immediately. Guests under the age of 18 if unvaccinated or partially-vaccinated must be accompanied by fully-vaccinated parents or relatives.

This is part of the airline’s Covid-19 mitigation plan to ensure the highest safety standards for all guests and employees. All AirAsia flights are operated only by fully-vaccinated crew and this applies to ground operations and baggage handling staff as well.

AirAsia has also made it mandatory for all guests to check-in via the airasia Super App as this allows them to pass through the airport clearance and boarding process with an e-Boarding Pass that will significantly reduce physical interaction including via paper and is key in curtailing the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses. Subject to certain exceptions, check-in fees shall apply for check-in at the airport check-in counter.

Guests just need to download the airasia Super App on their smartphones and make full use of the app. Apart from checkin-in, it is the only all-in-one app that guests would need for their journey – from flight to hotel bookings, checking in, health document verification, through to boarding with the e-Boarding Pass, contactless boarding with FACES and inflight services onboard.

AirAsia has undertaken numerous contactless technological innovations and improvements that provide for enhanced comfort and a hassle-free door-to-door experience for guests.

AirAsia Malaysia CEO Riad Asmat said: “The decision to accept only fully vaccinated guests for boarding is made in the best safety interest of our guests and employees. All our flights are operated by only fully-vaccinated pilots and cabin crew and this applies to all our ground services as well. We have also put in place numerous service enhancements and integration via the airasia Super App.

“Guests can look forward to a convenient and seamless self-check-in process via the Super App that allows for easy uploading and instant verification of health and vaccination documents, and contactless boarding via FACES facial recognition system. All these will  minimise queuing and possible physical contacts at the counters and crowding at the airport.”

AirAsia has robust procedures in place to maintain the highest safety standards at all times. Built-in safety features of the aircraft itself, where the cabin air circulation and filtration provides hospital-grade airflow, ensures flying continues to be the safest mode of transportation, as proven by various international studies.

Before you book your flight with AirAsia, please take note of the following requirements to ensure a smooth travel experience:

  • Ensure that you (and your family) are eligible to travel. Please check on any travel restrictions or special requirements for travel to your destination, including health documents and full vaccination certificate. These requirements may change from time to time so we advise that you check with the authorities for the latest updates.

  • Ensure that you are fit to travel. If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, do not proceed with your travel plans. As a responsible traveller, we encourage you to perform a Covid-19 self test before your flight to ensure that you are safe to travel and protect others you may get in contact with throughout the journey.

  • Only fully-vaccinated guests are accepted to board AirAsia flights. You have to be fully vaccinated and have passed the vaccination maturity period as well as classified as “Low Risk” or “Casual Contact with No Symptoms” status under MySejahtera in order to be accepted for boarding.

  • AirAsia has made check-in via the airasia Super App mandatory to minimise physical contact and crowding at the airport. You can easily do this via the airasia Super App as early as 14 days before your departure date. Simply scan or upload any required vaccination or health documents during the online check-in process for real-time verification.

    Please note:

    • Counter check-in service will only be available for guests with reduced mobility, those travelling with an infant (under 24 months of age), and young guests travelling alone.

    • A counter check-in fee will apply to guests not specified above. 

  • Arrive early at the airport. Guests are encouraged to arrive preferably 4 hours before departure to allow for enough time for all the necessary processes to take place. Support staff will be on stand-by to guide guests and assist with any queries.

  • Wear a face mask before, during and after the flight. The regular 3-ply mask will do, or you may opt for double-masking for better protection. Masks with an open valve are not permitted onboard AirAsia flights.

Here are a few tips to help you plan for a pleasant, hassle-free journey with AirAsia.

  • Make full use of the airasia Super App. You will need this app for your check in as checking in via the airasia Super App is mandatory. If you haven’t, we advise that you download and install it on your smartphone now. This is the only all-in-one app that you need for your journey – from flight to hotel bookings, checking in, health document verification, through to boarding with your e-Boarding Pass, contactless boarding with FACES and inflight services. If you’re travelling in a group or with family, please make sure each guest has the airasia Super App installed on their smartphones. (Psst… this is where you can get the best travel deals and enjoy a multitude of other lifestyle services.)

  • Make sure you have installed the MySejahtera app. This is an app that all Malaysian residents must have, all the more so now that it is integrated with the airasia Super App so you can get your vaccination easily validated before you fly. You’ll also need this app for all your visits and check-ins at your destination.

  • Use contactless kiosks at the airport to print baggage tags and self-drop your bags. If you have bags to check in, remember to pre-book your baggage online at the time of booking up to 4 hours before your flight, to enjoy the best savings. Once you have checked in online, simply scan the QR code on your e-Boarding Pass at the check-in kiosk to print the baggage tags and proceed to the self baggage drop counters to load your bags.

  • Staggered boarding and disembarkation. This will ensure a smooth flow and minimise contact amongst guests and crew. Boarding will be done beginning with guests seated at the back of the aircraft (Zone 2), followed by Zone 3 (mid area) and finally Zone 1 (front/hot seats). Disembarkation will be done for every 3 rows at a time.

  • Connect to AirAsia WiFi onboard. You can now browse the digital menu of Santan, Duty Free catalogue, travel magazines, and a vast collection of entertainment content for free using your own device. With our high-speed internet services, you can stay connected with family and friends during the flight and access even more services on the airasia Super App.

  • Contactless payment option. All AirAsia service counters at airports in Malaysia accept digital payment using e-wallet, online banking and credit/debit card transactions.

Lastly, a few more points to note so that you know you can have that peace of mind throughout your journey.

  • Only fully-vaccinated flight crew and support personnel are on duty. All AirAsia flights will be operated only by fully-vaccinated crew and this applies to ground operations and baggage handling staff as well.

  • High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA) filters. The cabin air constantly flows from the aircraft ceiling to the floor before it is suctioned into the high-performance HEPA filter, similar to that commonly used in hospital operation theatres. All our aircraft are equipped with powerful HEPA filters that remove 99.99% of dust particles and airborne contaminants including viruses and bacteria. The cabin air is completely refreshed every 3 minutes to ensure the highest possible quality of air throughout your flight.

  • Aircraft deep cleaning. All of our aircraft are cleaned and sanitised after each flight and during every night stop, they go through a thorough 2-hour deep cleaning process, in compliance with instructions from health authorities.

  • Inflight meals are produced and packaged according to strict safety and hygiene requirements. Make sure you pre-book your meals to avoid disappointment, as meals available for purchase onboard are limited to ensure the highest safety and hygiene standards are maintained at all times. AirAsia observes a strict “No outside food” policy on all its flights.

AirAsia has been recognised as one of the first airlines worldwide by aviation experts at to achieve the highest 7-Star rating for its stringent Covid-19 safety measures.