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Airlander 10 collapses in England day after its test flight

On November 18, 2017, the world’s largest aircraft Airlander 10 suddenly broke in two and crashed to the ground at the airfield of Cardington in Derbyshire, England, where it successfully completed a test flight a day before. There were no people onboard, but two people on the ground were injured. The aircraft developer, British manufacturer  […]

Airlander has increased its scope after embarking on its next phase of extended test flights

Today saw Airlander 10 commence the next exciting stage of flight testing, known as Airworthiness Release 2a (AWR2a), which will see Airlander fly higher, faster, further and for longer than before. A number of modifications and upgrades were carried out recently, to allow for the expanded test parameters. We flew a confirmatory flight today prior […]