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Volga-Dnepr An-124-100 delivers 30 Mercedes vehicles to Angola for new President’s inauguration ceremony

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has used the special two-tier car racking system developed for its An-124-100 freighter fleet to deliver 30 vehicles on a single flight to Luanda for the inauguration ceremony of Angola’s newly-elected President, Joao Lourenco. The valuable 90-tonne payload of vehicles was transported from Leipzig on behalf of the Angolan Embassy in Germany. It […]

Antonov Airlines Adding More Weight

Antonov Company announces that its Antonov An-124-100 joint venture company, Ruslan International, formed in 2006 together with Volga-Dnepr Airlines, will cease operations on 31 December, 2016. Throughout its decade-long existence, Ruslan International has consistently demonstrated a combined expertise in the outsize and heavyweight cargo market. Antonov Company would like to thank Volga-Dnepr Airlines for contributing […]

ANTONOV Company tested tyres developed by Dunlop Aircraft Tyres for AN-124-100 Ruslan and AN-225 Mriya airplanes

Test flights of an AN-124-100M-150 aircraft equipped with new tyres developed by the UK company Dunlop Aircraft Tyres were performed at the Flight Test Base of ANTONOV Company. ANTONOV Company intends to equip the fleet of Ruslans and AN-225 Mriya of Antonov Airlines with the tyres. The test programme included flights with take-off weights of […]