Nordic Dino NB


Our smallest model of aircraft exterior cleaners has been designed specifically for narrow-body aircraft . The Nordic Dino NB works perfectly in combination with our larger models, Nordic Dino WB or Nordic Dino XWB, on any wide-body aircraft.

The Nordic Dino NB has an impressive washing height of 8,5 meters and is suitable for use on A321, A323, A330, B737 (all models), B757, and B767 types. The Nordic Dino NB comes with a diesel (Kubota Diesel Engine 18.5 kW – 24.8 Hp – 2,600 rpm), or an electric option (10 kW Electric Motor VAC 2,500 RPM), a 500L main tank, and a 90L spray tank.

Power Unit: Kubota diesel engine 18.5 kW (24.8 Hp) at 2600 rpm Certified according to EPA Tier 4 Stage V Final
Alternator: 24V/500W charging 2x12V/45Ah batteries
Main hydraulic pump: Sauer KRR/038, variable displacement. Electronically controlled load sensing. System pressure range:20-120 BAR
Fuel tank: Stainless steel: 35 litres
Main tank: Stainless steel: 500 litres
Spray tank: Stainless steel: 90 litres
Main control panel: Stainless steel with cooling unit Danfoss CANBUS control with multiple safety system
Wireless control module: Frequency: 406 – 472 MHZ

Range > 100 meters

< 14 continuous operation

Charging time: 2,5 hours