Nordic Dino WB


The Nordic Dino WB aircraft exterior cleaning robot has been specifically designed for use on the wide-body aircraft. With a washing height of 11 meters, this three-armed system can ideally handle cleaning the top of a large aircraft. As the perfect all-around mobile washing solution for wide-body aircraft, the Nordic Dino WB comes with both an electric and diesel option, a 500L main tank, and a 90L spray tank.

Additional dimensions and features include a wheelbase of just over 2.7 meters, a chassis length of 3.8 meters, and a stowed height of 1.7 meters, all combining to a total weight of 5,400Kg.

Power Unit: Kubota diesel engine 18.5 kW (24.8 Hp) at 2600 rpm Certified according to EPA Tier 4 Stage V Final
Alternator: 24V/500W charging 2x12V/45Ah batteries
Main hydraulic pump: Sauer KRR/038, variable displacement. Electronically controlled load sensing. System pressure range:20-120 BAR
Fuel tank: Stainless steel: 35 litres
Main tank: Stainless steel: 500 litres
Spray tank: Stainless steel: 90 litres
Main control panel: Stainless steel with cooling unit Danfoss CANBUS control with multiple safety system
Wireless control module: Frequency: 406 – 472 MHZ

Range > 100 meters

< 14 continuous operation

Charging time: 2,5 hours