Aluflite half size trolley – Inflight galley equipment


The Aluflite Atlas half size trolley features an innovative design matched with a lightweight construction, durability and strength. Available in a range of options, all trolleys feature a standard push-to-close locking system, a low maintenance four wheel braking system, a recessed pull handle and a choice of exterior finishes. Empty weights starting from 10.9 kg.

Our Aluflite inflight service trolleys/carts are designed to meet the high standards required for operation by today’s airlines and aviation catering operators. Apart from standard trolley features like the dry ice drawer and the Korita Aviation push-to-close locking system, various trolley options are available.

We listen to your wishes for a bespoke catering trolley/cart design and we respond by providing you with customised, high quality, dependable inflight service trolleys/carts that insert into your aircraft galley with ease.

  • Dry ice tray
  • Push-to-close locking system
  • Four wheel braking system
  • Silicone door seal
  • Sublimated exterior finish (option)
  • Embossed logo (option)
  • Certified to EASA, FAA and CAAC standards