Aluflite half size waste trolley – Inflight galley equipment


Aluflite half size waste trolley features an innovative lightweight design that delivers durability and strength. Our lightweight design ensures optimum fuel saving efficiency. Empty weights start from 11.5 kg.

Korita Aviation has designed the Aluflite trolley/cart range with durability in mind – Aluflite half size waste trolleys are renowned for their longevity by all of our aviation industry customers worldwide.

Features include the Korita Aviation push-to-close locking system, an aluminium internal waste bin, waste flaps to the top and a single flap on the front door together with a low maintenance four wheel braking system.

  • Top and front waste flaps
  • Push-to-close locking system
  • Four wheel braking system
  • Sublimated exterior finish (option)
  • Embossed logo (option)
  • Certified to EASA standards