President Zelensky thanked SkyUp Airlines for helping to evacuate Ukrainians from the Gaza Strip

On November 11, SkyUp Airlines performed a special flight PQ 3118 to save Ukrainian, Moldovan, and Israeli refugees who fled from the Gaza Strip. On this flight, we brought 155 people from Cairo to Chisinau. For those who needed it, a bus transfer to Odesa has been provided. 

Since the beginning of our activity, we have faced multiple challenges. As a responsible business, we stand side by side with our state to help citizens who find themselves in difficult circumstances,Dmytro Seroukhov, General Director at SkyUp Airlines, says. “In 2020, we evacuated Ukrainians from Wuhan; in 2022, we helped people flee from war. And today we are again joining efforts with the state to save the citizens of our country and bring them to safe places of stay.

This flight represents the culmination of coordinated efforts within our nation, involving the commendable contributions of its diplomatic services, intelligence, and responsible business practices. We firmly believe that collaborative efforts and cooperation are essential to overcoming the most significant challenges and prioritising the safety of people’s lives — a shared commitment of the state and SkyUp. This underscores our readiness to start operations immediately as soon as the airspace of Ukraine opens; a commitment consistently validated through actions, not mere words.