Lufthansa Cargo boosts handling performance with new production planning system

Lufthansa Cargo has finalized the implementation of its production planning and control (PPC) transformation project. Based on DELMIA Quintiq -part of Dassault Systèmes- software and Ab Ovo’s industry expertise, the cargo airline implemented a production planning application as one element of the PPC system that enables it to maximize capacity of workstations and improve the flow of freight and cargo through the main hub in Frankfurt. Increasing planning quality and visibility with smart algorithms and KPI based planning, allows Lufthansa Cargo to handle more cargo in the same facilities with better on-time performance, making it both a booster for efficiency as well as customer satisfaction.

The new production planning system assists the planners in scheduling the break-down of incoming cargo and the build-up of outgoing freight for onward transport by truck or flight. Additionally, it supports the cargo airline to spread the workload better between peak and off-peak hours, which increases average employee productivity and workstation utilization. The performance of the hub is crucial for the global Lufthansa Cargo supply chain as approximately 80 per cent of all transit cargo flows through Frankfurt.

“An integrated production planning system has been part of our digitalization roadmap”, says Harald Gloy, the cargo airline’s Chief Operations Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer. “The new application enables us to make smarter and faster decisions to ensure on time performance. It gives us more flexibility in order to be better prepared for a high speed changing environment and thus help us to further improve Lufthansa Cargo’s service to our customers.”

Edwin Hageman, CEO at the Ab Ovo Group, emphasizes: “We are proud to be part of Lufthansa Cargo’s digitilization journey and being able to provide and implement a production planning system that spurs efficiency and productivity to drive customer satisfaction, while contributing to Lufthansa Cargo’s strategic goals.”

Although the new production planning and control system has been implemented at the cargo airlines Frankfurt hub as a starting point, Lufthansa Cargo is constantly looking to further digitize the supply chain processes to further increase the flexibility and optimize capabilities to steer the shipment flow globally. “Global freight demand is expected to continue to further grow”, says Harald Gloy. “We would like to be prepared for that and ensure we have excellent production planning across the entire supply chain that allows us to keep improving our logistic capabilities.”

Image: Lufthansa Cargo L-R: Walter Isselhard, Harold Lukas, Dr. Jan Wilhelm Breithaupt, Tim Heppenheimer, Bonne van der Meer, Edwin Hageman, Harald Gloy, Dr. Jochen Göttelmann, Gerd Jens Schmidt, Dr. Mohammad Ali Seiraffi

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