Korean Air acquires international certification for compliance management

Korean Air announced that it earned a compliance management systems (ISO 37301) certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO 37301 is an international standard established by the ISO certifying that a company’s compliance policies and risk management systems meet global standards. It is also used as a standard to evaluate a company’s compliance management when screening potential business partners.
Korean Air’s certification is a result of the airline’s establishment of a company-wide risk identification and management system that reflects international standards in the second half of last year as well as the bolstering of ESG activities after analyzing the needs of related agencies, investors and customers.

Korean Air introduced a “compliance support system” in July 2012, and has been providing regular training for all employees to reinforce compliance with internal regulations regarding safe operations, services and responsible management.

Compliance management is essential to a company’s viability and sustainable growth. Korean Air is committed to responsible management and fulfilling our corporate responsibilities as a leading global carrier,” said Keehong Woo, Korean Air’s president.

The airline’s holding company, Hanjin KAL, also acquired ISO 37301 certification in December last year, and has vowed to work closely with Hanjin Group affiliates to strengthen ESG management and carry out corporate responsibilities for society.