Collaborative Innovation for the Development of Aviation Industry– Register Now! The 9th China Aviation Industry Summit 2020 & Lingyun Award Annual Ceremony!

According to IATA, till 2020, China will replace United States to be the largest aviation market in the world. Besides the growing demand, developing aviation industry is also an important national strategy to promote the development of China’s manufacturing industries to the high end of the global value chain. At the same time, with the development and application of various new technologies, new materials and new processes, the upstream and downstream companies of the industry chain all face many challenges such as resource integration and technology competition. Global Aviation Industry has entered a period of rapid development.

Against this background, the 9th China Aviation Industry Forum with the theme of “Collaborative Innovation to Promote the Development of Aviation Industry” will be held from February 27-28, 2020 in Tianjin, China. As a one of the most fast developing aviation towns in the 21st century, Tianjin has attracted hundreds of aviation manufacturing and supporting enterprises such as Airbus, AVIC Xifei, Bombardier and Goodrich. At that time, about 300 company leaders and experts will gather together to discuss the current hot topics and seek new partners.

Agenda at A Glance

Session I: Global Aviation Manufacturing Technology Innovation and Cooperation

Session II: Cutting-edge Aviation Technology – Intelligent Manufacturing

Session III: Cutting-edge Aviation Technology – Materials and Processing Innovation

Session IV: Cutting-edge Aviation Technology – Airborne System Innovation

Event Highlight : Hot Topics &Latest Industry Trends

  • Global Aircraft Airworthiness Certification
  • Practice the National Aviation Manufacturing Strategy Deployment and Build an “Aerial Silk Road”
  • Development Prospects and Key Technologies of Domestic Aircraft Manufacturing
  • 5G Intelligent Factory – New Trends in Aviation Industry Intelligent Manufacturing
  • AeroengineAdditive & Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Application of Nanocomposites in the Field of Aviation
  • Development and Engineering Progress of Single Crystal/Directional Turbine Blades of Aero-engine
  • Application of Light Metal in Key Parts
  • R&D of Advanced Aerospace Composite and its Challenges
  • Innovative Bio-based Fiber Materials Help Sustainable Development of the Aviation Industry
  • New Requirements for Avionics Systems in the New Era
  • Next Generation Flight Control System
  • Development and Future Trends of Airborne Communication &Navigation System
  • Cabin Infotainment System and Air-ground Interconnection
  • How to Ensure Flight Safety in Bad Weather Conditions

We sincerely invite leaders from aircraft OEMs, aircraft engine manufacturers, airlines, airborne equipment & system suppliers, parts and material suppliers, intelligent manufacturing equipment/service providers, organizations, universities & institutions to join us! See you in Tianjin!

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