Alitalia future uncertain after workers reject deal

Alitalia, the flag carrier of Italy, is facing an uncertain future after its workers revolted against an agreement inked several weeks ago between the company and its unions. The controversial deal involved cutting salaries and positions.

According to the deal, headcount was supposed to be reduced by up to 2,000 permanent and temporary roles in the business, which would lead to a 50% reduction in office staff and a 20% reduction in non-flying operational roles. The airline currently employs 12,500 people around the world.

The workers’ decision against the deal puts at risk the round of financing that had been envisioned to keep Alitalia aloft. Right now the company is at a precarious state with liquidation and the grounding of the fleet being a scary possibility.

Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni summoned the country’s ministers on Monday night to discuss the future of the airline.

According to a statement from the company, its board of directors will convene on April 25 to evaluate the negative outcome of the referendum after the vote against the preliminary agreement signed by the airline and the trade unions and professional associations on 14 April.